Oct, 2016

Seal the Deal with Clean Windows

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Having a clean office to present to clients includes windows, too! Imagine for a moment that you will be meeting potential clients in your conference room. In preparation, your staff is practising their highest level of professionalism, your entire office has been clean and organized, and you called the landscaping crew in early to make sure the grounds are kept and presentable. You feel accomplished and ready to soar!

Then, it happens… Moments before your clients arrive, you open the blinds to let the sun shine in and show off your beautiful grounds. What you imagined is not what you got. Instead of a view, you find windows so dirty and spotted that the sun only amplifies their horrid condition! How could you have forgotten about the windows? Forget about presenting the beautiful landscaping! Looks like you may have to either risk the embarrassment of dirty windows or conduct your meeting with the blinds closed!

Clients are not the only ones who will appreciate the view clean windows will provide. Your staff will, too. Spending your day in an office building can leave you longing for a peek of the world outside. In the summer months, enjoying the green trees and blue skies from a cool office can be refreshing. In the winter months, taking in views of snow blankets can be all the break you need to get back to your work in the warmth of your office. Unfortunately, none of this is possible if you have dirty windows!

J & M Window Cleaning provides a commercial window cleaning service that will leave you with a beautiful view of outdoors — every season! It does not matter how large or small your office is, we have the capability and desire to handle windows of any size and nature, inside and out. We come prepared with our own equipment and always follow strict safety guidelines. And yes, we are absolutely insured and bonded.

At J & M Window Cleaning, we take pride in our work and strive for excellence in customer service. We know that your business is important and disrupting your workflow is something we do our very best to avoid. We maintain the utmost respect and professionalism when working in your office and, if we need to access an area in which business is being conducted, we will move on to another area until it is free.

Serving Troy, Detroit, Farmington Hills and Novi and all areas of Oakland County, contact us today and let the dedicated, friendly staff of J & M Window Cleaning provide you with the cleanest windows imaginable.

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