Apr, 2017

Why do you need to clean your business’ windows?

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At J&M Window Cleaning, we hear this question a lot. After all, a business building is just that – a business. It isn’t a home, no one is living there, and therefore, window cleaning is generally the last thing on a business owner’s mind.

However, with the weather in Detroit, Wixom, Bloomfield Hills, and Troy constantly changing, window washing for your business should be done regularly.

The cosmetic reasons are the most obvious. Windows are the first thing a client or prospective employee will notice when they arrive at your business. It’s imperative that your exterior showcase what’s going on INSIDE your business.

If your windows look dirty and dingy, the impression you may give off is one of disorganization or a business that clients may not find attractive. The best part of this – is that windows are easily cleaned. Especially with J&M Window Cleaning, we’re ready to go when you are!

First and foremost, we will take a look at your building’s layout and get an idea of the scope of the job. This is a free consultation that gives you no obligation to use our services, but when you decide to make an appointment, we will work with your schedule – and the schedule of your business.

Do you have meetings that run all morning on Wednesdays? We’ll come in the afternoon. If you have a large client meeting on a specific day, we’ll schedule around it – we want to make cleaning the windows of your Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Wixom, and Troy businesses as painless as possible for you.

Once we’ve got the date and time settled, our technicians will arrive as scheduled. We are always friendly and courteous, and start our job right away! You’ll notice that we make sure to cover your landscaping with cloths, and we will be extremely aware of ensuring that all property is treated with the utmost care.

When we’re fully covered, J&M Window Cleaning will jump right in to scrubbing away the dirt. Using specialized soaps and brushes, we gently clean your window panes, making sure to take care of the glass – no nicks or scratches on our watch!

After we’ve completed the outside window cleaning, we’ll come inside your business. All technicians wear covers on their shoes so we do not track debris inside. We use the same tools and cleaners on the interior that we do on the exterior, and all are pet and child safe.

With the glass cleaned and shining, we move to the window sills and window tracks, removing the accumulated dust and cobwebs that may have taken up residence. We work quickly and quietly, ensuring that we do not cause disruptions to your work day!

J&M Window Cleaning is well known around the Detroit, Troy, and Wixom areas, and we want to earn your business and recommendation as well! Give us a call today for your no obligation quote, and when we do our job and wow you with how clean your business windows are, tell your friends!

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