Jan, 2017

Dirty Windows Making You Gloomy?  We Can Help!

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White Lake isn’t feeling so, well, white lately! The winter is here in full force, and with that comes gray, gray, and more gray. The White Lake area needs to be scrubbed and cleaned, and at J&M Window Cleaning, we know right where we can help!

Our commercial cleaning teams are here to wash your windows, concrete, and more to make sure that you’re prepared for spring and summer! While it seems like we’re never going to get out of the White Lake winter, your business could use a spring cleaning.

Cleaning your windows should be a major priority for your business, it should be as important as the day to day cleaning of our offices. Some business owners wonder what benefit they receive from paying a cleaning service for windows, and we’re here to tell you why!

The glass at the entrance to your business is probably the first thing that visitors will notice, so we’re here to help you make a great first impression. J&M Window cleaning help protect your glass against issues like:

  • Hard minerals from sprinkler systems and rain run off
  • Oxidization from windows encased in metal frames
  • Overspray from paint, chalk and other particles
  • Salt from winter road treatments & sidewalk de-icing
  • General dirt, dust & grime

Sparkling glass at the entrance of your workplace can brighten up even the grayest winter day & help your visitors feel welcome. If your business is sporting dirty windows, customers can perceive your business as less trustworthy or attractive.

If your White Lake business needs an extra sparkle, J&M Window Cleaning can work their magic to make it attractive to potential clients, and make it clean and welcoming for your employees.

At J&M we make sure your business shines. While we work we will make sure not to disrupt the flow of your office. We’ll work around your meeting schedules, and be completely aware of call center floors or business conversations happening around us. Instead of expecting you to stop your business during peak hours, we will work around you.

We’ve got you covered with exterior cleaning as well. We are always careful of your landscaping and flowers, making sure to keep our technicians and cleaning equipment out of flowerbeds and bushes. We tailor our cleaning process to your building. This means that smaller jobs get the squeegee, ladder, and pole treatment; while in larger offices, we will use the roof with a bosun’s chair. All of our technicians and methods follow OSHA guidelines, so you never have to worry about the safety of your employees or ours.

While White Lake may still be gray and under the winter cloud, your business doesn’t have to be. Call J&M Window Cleaning today to schedule your cleaning. If you’re still not convinced that we can help you and your White Lake business? Browse our website and read testimonials from our other White Lake (and surrounding area) customers, request a no-obligation quote, and see all the services we offer.

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