Dec, 2016

Let the sun shine in!

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The cold dark dreary days of winter are moving in. While the holidays fill us with joy and warmth, it doesn’t take long before we begin looking everywhere for a little proof that daylight still exists. For those who have indoor day jobs, the days seem long and dark. It doesn’t help that winter conditions can wreak havoc on your office windows – the use of salt to combat snow and ice can get picked up by the wind and leave a nice salty display on your windows. In fact, some windows have such a thick film of outside debris that they provide shade rather than light!

Do you know that there are benefits to sunlight? There sure are! Not only does sunlight increase our energy, it also gives us Vitamin D, too. The biggest effect of the sun, however, is the positive effect it can have on our mood – it has been proven that it makes us happier.

Imagine what a little sunlight could do for your office environment and work productivity? Your employees will have more energy and elated moods. And, as if those benefits weren’t enough, letting the sun shine through your windows will provide a source of heat, lowering your utility bill.

Think about it – why would you not want to take an action if it could result in higher employee productivity, a happier workplace, all the while lowering your bills? It is a win-win!

At J & M Window Cleaning, our employees are 100% professional and respectful of your workplace. We work around your schedule and would use our utmost care in not interfering with your day to day flow of business. Bonded and insured, we take pride in our work and treat your office as if it were our own.

Our staff is skillfully trained in cleaning windows of all types and sizes. If you are in a high-rise office space, we are equipped to handle that, too! There is no job too big or small for J & M Window Cleaning. Creating a clean, streak-free environment for your office to shine is our pleasure.

If you are in the Troy, Bloomfield Hills, and Farmington Hills area or anywhere in Oakland County, call our office today. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will provide you with a quote and are available to answer any questions to determine the best way to meet your needs.

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