Oct, 2017

Why commercial window cleaning in Waterford is a Must

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We have never heard of a business that intentionally neglects to maintain the appearance of their property. Have you?

Think about it. Whenever you enter a restaurant, you most likely see busboys impeccably cleaning tables. The bathrooms in most corporate offices are shiny and well-stocked. When you go shopping at the mall on the weekend and stop in the food court for lunch, there are usually janitors sweeping the floors. However, the reality is that maintenance isn’t always easy. There are many individuals that you can hire to clean your food courts, bathrooms and restaurant tables, but it’s much harder to find a professional window cleaner. As a business in Waterford or the surrounding area, it’s likely that you have contemplated hiring a professional commercial window cleaner. However, cleaning the windows of a large building is a much more difficult task than wiping down tables. But why is it so important?

Dirty windows are unprofessional.

Keeping both the inside and outside of your business or commercial property is incredibly important in order to show customers and clients that you are professional. When you step foot into a restaurant and see food and beverages spilled on the floor, what is your first thought? It might be the same first impression that you would get if you walked into an office building, the secretary was nowhere to be found and papers were covering the desk and floor. When your space is disorganized or dirty, it implies that you do not care about your space. When you don’t care about your space, how are you expected to care about your customers and clients? Your level of organization and cleanliness is a direct reflection of your character. In order to ensure that you are viewed as professionals, it is necessary that you keep both the inside and the outside of your commercial property clean.

Dirty windows can scare off potential clients and customers

Have you ever walked by a business with dirty windows? Maybe it was so filled with finger print smudges that you could barely see inside! Did you want to enter that building? Probably not. Having dirty windows, much like having dirty bathrooms or eating areas, can deter potential clients and customers from even entering your building. If the restaurant next to yours is cleaner and more welcoming, you will probably lose many potential customers to them. If your accounting firm’s office is littered with leftover lunch garbage and there are disorganized papers covering the desks, your potential client will most likely walk right out the door and find another firm to do business with. The exterior of your building is the first thing that potential customers and clients see before they meet you. However, if your windows are dirty and your building appears poorly taken care of, they might not even make it past the front doors to see what you’re all about.

These are just two of the many reasons why commercial window cleaning in Waterford is a must. At J&M Window Cleaning, we know just how to help. We have almost 15 years of experience cleaning commercial properties of all sizes in Waterford and the surrounding areas, ranging from small businesses to country clubs and car dealerships. Give us a call today to request a free quote!

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