Dec, 2020

Why Commercial Window Cleaning is Especially Important in Winter

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Whether you run a business, or own one outright, one thing’s for sure: you don’t get much time off! Aside from a few days of holiday, you’re almost constantly concerned with attracting new clients, retaining existing customers, and so on. 

That’s the case throughout the year: even in winter, when others are taking things easy over the holiday season, you’ll typically still be in business mode. At J&M Window Cleaning, for example, we definitely fall into the ‘year round service’ category. That’s okay though, because we love providing commercial window cleaning services to the good people of Birmingham, Commerce, Troy, Wixom, and other nearby areas! 

In addition to all the other considerations – like managing your employees, your marketing, and your products – it’s imperative that you also maintain the appearance of your business throughout the year. The winter months are the most challenging time for this by far, particularly in a state like Michigan, where the elements can be pretty tough. Autumns are challenging enough, with leaves and other debris building up in drain pipes and guttering. The winters can really take things to another level, with a combination of snow, rain, and dropping temperatures combining to take a toll on your property. 

You might not notice, if you visit them every day, but the appearance of your commercial premises can decline pretty darn quickly in these conditions. That definitely applies to the windows too, which suffer the brunt of these attacks by nature! In turn, unfortunately, the general appearance of your business will also take a hit. If you’re running something like a client-facing office or car dealership, which relies on projecting an air of professionalism, this can be a big problem. If you operate something like a bar, cafe or restaurant, it’s arguably even more serious – after all, these places rely on appearing to be both welcoming and hygienic places. 

We’re positive people here at J&M Window Cleaning, and that’s enough doom and gloom for now! Instead, we want to bring you some good news – these problems are extremely quick and easy to fix. In fact, to do so, all you need to do is book in a session of commercial window cleaning with J&M. 

We certainly don’t mind coming out to your business premises during the winter time, whether they’re based in Troy, Commerce, Wixom or Birmingham. Not only that, but we’ll bring almost two decade’s worth of experience to bear on the job too. In that time we’ve provided commercial window cleaning for properties of all shapes and sizes, and in a wide variety of different industries. We’ve also done so in all types of weather conditions, so a little snow or cold won’t stop us helping you too! 

If you’ve neglected the windows of your business premises this winter, the appearance of your entire business will have suffered for it. It couldn’t be easier to reverse this slide, though. All you need to do is contact J&M Window Cleaning, and ask about our commercial window cleaning services. We’re very confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the transformation we can cause, and in a surprisingly short amount of time too! To get started, simply call us now on (248) 605-2243, or email CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com. 

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