Oct, 2017

Commercial Window Cleaning is Important, Whatever Your Business

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There are a whole lot of different factors that go into running a business. From budgeting, to marketing, to hiring and firing, there’s rarely a dull moment for business owners. As long-time businessmen ourselves here at J&M Window Cleaning, we should know!

For our money, however, one factor stands head and shoulders above the others in terms of its importance: the business premises. This applies to basically any business type you can think of.  It doesn’t matter which industry you specialize in. It doesn’t matter whether or not your business is client-facing. It doesn’t even matter where it’s located, from Troy to Livonia, from Pontiac to Detroit! It all begins and ends with the actual place which you go to and work in day after day. And, of course, by far one of the most important parts of a building are its windows.

If you run a business which deals directly with other people, then regular commercial window cleaning is absolutely vital. Let’s say that you have an office, which does business with big clients. Lovely, clean windows immediately make an office feel brighter, giving off a great, positive first impression. Dirty windows make the place appear unprofessional, instantly putting the client off.

If you own something like a café, restaurant or bar, then it’s arguably even more important. As you know, good hygiene is absolutely critical to successfully running these types of operations. On the inside, you might have the cleanest restaurant in Detroit, but if your windows look dirty to the outside world, you’re projecting an unhygienic impression, which will definitely turn customers away.

Even if your company doesn’t deal with customers in person – if you carry out your business dealings online, for example, or over the phone – we’d urge you not to dismiss commercial window cleaning. After all, your customers aren’t the only people you need to consider. The lighter, more airy feeling that clean windows bring will vastly improve the mood of your employees, particularly compared to the duller office that results from grimy windows. As we’re sure you already know, a professional, clean working environment is crucial to maximizing the productivity of your employees, and regular commercial window cleaning goes a long way to ensuring this is the case.

Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we’ve been carrying out commercial window cleaning jobs for the good people of Pontiac, Livonia, Troy and Detroit since 2003. That’s nearly a decade-and-a-half of commercial window cleaning, and we’re still going strong!

Simply put, our longevity has been down to the fact that we always get results. Nowadays, a lot of this comes down to the considerable amount of commercial window cleaning experience that we’ve built up, which ensures there’s rarely a situation we haven’t encountered before.

Since the beginning, however – when J&M Window Cleaning were just starting out – we’ve also placed a huge emphasis on customer service with our commercial window cleaning clients. As mentioned, we’re businessmen ourselves, so we know just how important time management is to the successful running of a business. Accordingly, we aim to take up as little of your time as possible, carrying out each job as quickly as we can (whilst still maintaining flawless standards). We also cause as little disruption as we possibly can, so that you and your employees can continue to operate at maximum productivity levels.

If it’s been too long since your last commercial window cleaning appointment, or you simply want to try out a different window cleaning company, then get in touch with J&M Window Cleaning today. To do so, simply call (248) 605-2243 today!



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