Jun, 2016

Whistle while you work!

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Have you ever wondered why the dwarfs in snow white whistled while they worked? It is because they truly loved and enjoyed what they were doing!

Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we can totally relate to this feeling because we truly enjoy cleaning your home windows. We love it so much that we have spent the last 13 years developing a business full of employees who love cleaning windows just as much as we do- Can you hear all the whistling?! It is our belief that someone who is treated well treats others well. That is why we have poured 13 years into developing our team members and training them to provide the best possible window cleaning service. When they arrive to a new job, we want them to feel taken care of so that, in turn, there is no doubt in our minds that they will also take the very best care of you, our loyal customers!

J&M Window Cleaning  strives to provide friendly customer service alongside quality and affordable window cleaning. There is great value in hiring a professional who enjoys what they do. Not only does it make them pleasant to have in your home, but also it ensures that they will not speed through the job to finish as fast as possible. Instead, you can be sure that they will take their time, work hard, and leave you with a dazzling finished product.

There is so much to expect from a quality window cleaning service, and we do our best to live up to all of the expectations. We make sure to arrive on time, bring all of our equipment with us, and we even cover our shoes when we enter your home to make sure we do not track in anything from outside. We do indoor and outdoor window cleaning, and we even clean your window sills. If you are interested, we can also clean your window screens!

It is important to us that you feel at ease as we make your windows look brand new again, which is why we have a $1 million dollar incident insurance policy and provide our employees with full workers compensation. This way, should anything were to happen, we are covered, which means you’re covered, too!

Contact us! If you would like to contact us for more information or to receive a free quote, please call us at (248)605-2243 today. Also, be sure to check out our website, jmwindowcleaning.com, to find some special offers and great deals to make our affordable prices even MORE affordable. Right now, under our “special offers” tab, we are offering free screen cleaning for new customers! How great is that? We are looking forward to speaking with you and determining how we might best serve you and your family.

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