Oct, 2017

The Crucial Importance of Window Cleaning for New Constructions

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There’s no doubting that Detroit, and nearby towns like Livonia, Troy and Pontiac, have seen something of a renaissance in recent years. Since the much-publicized lows of the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, this wonderful, resilient area – which we’re proud to call home here at J&M Window Cleaning – has bounced back incredibly well.

Investment, particularly into the downtown areas, has increased massively, creating a massive number of jobs for local people (unemployment recently hit a 16-year low). This continuing investment has meant that a whole lot of construction work has been going on, with new buildings going up all the time.

This has truly been a blessing for us, with our new construction cleaning jobs having shot up in volume over recent years. Smart businesspeople are clearly seeing commercial opportunities in the Detroit area, and, because they’re smart, they also recognize the vital importance of the new constructions they’re building being as clean as they possibly can be.

Of course, the majority of companies rent their business premises rather than building them or owning them themselves. If you’re a property developer, you’ll know that first impressions are absolutely critical when you’re trying to sell your commercial space to a company. And, really, first impressions clearly begin with appearances.

If your would-be business tenant walks into your brand new construction, and sees dirt, stickers and paint everywhere, they’ll immediately be disinclined from renting. If, by contrast, the space is sparkling, and looks as new as it is, they’ll find it a whole lot easier to imagine themselves and their employees happily working away in that space.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to commercial spaces. New construction cleaning is extremely important for residential buildings too. The reasons for this, of course, are similar: a future homeowner wants to be able to imagine themselves, and perhaps their families, living happy lives in your home. If the place is unclean when they come to look round it, then it’s a lot harder to picture this. When your residential space looks just like a show-home, however, a great first impression is created.

J&M Window Cleaning have over 14 year of experience in new construction cleaning; we’ve been carrying it out in Detroit, Livonia, Pontiac and Troy through the good times, the bad times, and now the good times again! Simply put, we know what we’re doing and, whatever the specifics of your new building, we can be trusted with it.

Just because construction on a building has finished, doesn’t mean the job is done. That building still needs to be cleaned, and this is certainly not a job for amateurs. Frankly, there are some underqualified new construction cleaners out there who don’t recognize the necessary facts, like different approaches being needed for different types of glass. With our considerable years of experience, this is not an issue. We’ll go to your windows and frames, remove paint, stickers, silicon and drywall dust, and we’ll do it all without leaving any scratches.

With J&M Window Cleaning, you can rest assured that we’ll leave your building in a much, much better state than we found it; something that can’t be said for every new construction cleaning company out there.

To get in touch with J&M Window Cleaning today, and enquire about our new construction cleaning service, simply call (248) 605-2243 today!


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