May, 2016

Party cancelled due to window washing chores?

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“There ain’t no party like a window cleaning party cause a window cleaning party don’t stop!” Hi! We are the one and only J&M Window Cleaning and we are so glad you found us!

Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we strive to offer the best window cleaning service in Clarkston, Bloomfield Hills, Northville, South Lyon, (as well as the surrounding areas), and we actually have fun doing it! So let us bring the party to YOUR house! We believe a premiere window cleaning party comes with friendly customer service, A+ quality work, and prices that aren’t buzz killers, and so that is the window cleaning party package we offer!

Why do we have so much fun window cleaning? No, that’s not a strange question; we get that a lot! Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we have fun doing what we do because people believe in us! A solid truth is that someone who feels appreciated and believed in works hard. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and we are hoping that soon you will be one of them!

How do we do it? We believe that if something “ain’t broke”, then “don’t fix it”! This is why when we arrive on site we will pull out our ladder & squeegees, lay down our drop covers, put on our shoe covers, and get right to work. No lollygagging or goofing off. We show up ready to work hard, so we do! We will be respectful, kind, approachable, and we will show great attention to detail as we work. Furthermore, you are in control, so, if you don’t like what we’ve done let us know and we will do it again! We truly believe the fun is in the job itself, so we genuinely can’t wait to get started.

Are we insured? Absolutely we are! We do not expect to need our insurance, but just in case, we want you to feel at peace, which is why our window cleaning party package comes with a $1 million insurance policy! We would not just send anyone to your house, and so that is why we send the very best. That is why for an extra measure of peace, we make sure to background check everyone we hire so that when we show up at your house you know we will provide you with the quality we guarantee.

Contact Us! In order to get this party started, all we need you to do is give us a call, ask for your free quote, and let our friendly service agents do the rest! It’s that easy! You can reach us at (248) 605-2243 or you can visit our website, jmwindowcleaning.com for an instant quote! We are here, standing by, and ready to speak with you!

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