May, 2018

Michigan’s Most Versatile Home Cleaning Company

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When you add all the villages, towns and cities of our great state together – places like Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston and Northville – there are nearly 10 million people living in Michigan. In turn there are a whole lot of houses out there, and all those houses need cleaning, of course!

There are plenty of companies in Michigan who are duking it out for the chance to clean these homes… and here at J&M Window Cleaning, we’re certainly one of them. That kind of competition doesn’t worry us, however, because we’re confident in two things. Firstly, that nobody does a better, more effective job of actually cleaning houses than us; and secondly, that nobody offers a more rounded, more extensive service than we do.

It’s that second assertion that we want to talk about today. That’s because, despite the wealth of competition, we firmly believe that we’re the most versatile home cleaning company in Michigan. That’s a pretty big call to make, of course, but we’d defend it any day of the week.

Name essentially any exterior home cleaning service you could possibly think of, and we’re pretty confident that we already carry it out. As you can probably guess from our name – J&M Window Cleaning – cleaning windows is certainly one of those services! Rather than being the extent of our offering, however, that’s really just the tip of our iceberg.

Our second most popular service is probably home washing. We use an expert combination of high pressure power washing, and its lesser-known cousin soft washing, to get the entire exterior of your home sparkling clean. To stick with the theme of versatility, this approach is suitable to absolutely all kinds of exteriors; we simply adjust the pressure with which we carry out the washing accordingly.

We don’t just clean the exterior of your actual home using this approach, either. We can also go around the outside of your home, helping to make your driveways, pathways and patios look as good as new too; again, this comes courtesy of our high-tech washing equipment.

Of course, these are very much the more glamorous, more obvious home cleaning services. We’re definitely not afraid to get our hands dirty here at J&M Window Cleaning, however. On that note, we come to another of our more popular offerings: gutter cleaning!

Everyone’s gutters get blocked with dirt and debris over time, and this can be a particular problem if you have trees in your garden. We’re more than happy to save you the risk and time required to get your ladder out and clean the gutters, and simply do it ourselves instead, perhaps in combination with another exterior house cleaning service.

Well, that’s quite a few important services already, we’re sure you’ll agree. But… we’re still barely scratching the surface! We offer a host of others too, including concrete cleaning, water stain removal, screen cleaning, window track cleaning… heck, we’ll even replace light bulbs for you if you like!

When you form an ongoing relationship with J&M, you’re not just getting a window cleaning company, or a house washing company. You’re getting a company who truly can do it all… and, even better, do so with a smile on their face.

Wherever you’re based in Michigan, whether it be Northville, Clarkston, Birmingham or Bloomfield Hills, please get in touch with J&M Window Cleaning today for all your exterior house cleaning needs. To do just that, call us on (248) 605-2243, or send us an email at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com.




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