Jan, 2017

Troy Business Need Their Windows Cleaned Today!

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With spring fast approaching, even though the temperatures and weather would like us to think otherwise, Troy businesses need to start thinking of their annual spring cleaning – and this means your commercial windows.

After returning to work from the holidays and getting back on track, window cleaning is the last thing on your mind, and we at J&M Window Cleaning understand why. However, with the benefits to clean windows, can you really afford to put it off longer than you have?

Dirt and grime are building on your windows every day. Salt from the weather, from kick up off shoes and boots hits your windows harder than you think! Call J&M Window Cleaning for to schedule your business’ cleaning today! We serve all areas in Troy and surrounding, and have a passion for what we do.

Window cleaning may not seem like a priority right now, but when was the last time you had your windows cleaned? Here are some general guidelines when it comes to a window cleaning schedule:

Low traffic offices and Retail stores should clean your windows every two to four weeks, while health care buildings need their windows cleaned every month to keep dirt and debris out of the air. This can be harmful to patients with respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma. The dirt that sneaks in from the outside doesn’t just rest on the window sills, it gets in the air and ventilation systems!

High Traffic Retail stores should consider window cleanings every one to two weeks. While retail stores rely on attractive displays for selling merchandise, business owners need to consider the impression their dirty windows are making on potential customers. “Curb Appeal” isn’t just for buying houses, business are subjected to the same scrutiny! If your windows are dirty, what does that say about your products or the interior of your store?

Restaurants have foot traffic, and with all the heat produced by stoves, dishwashers, etc. the moisture in the air can cause windows to get dirtier faster. Grease plays a huge contributing factor to the windows as well, which is why it is recommended to clean a restaurant’s windows one a week, or at the most, once every two weeks. A greasy window isn’t appealing to paying customers!

Location is also a factor to consider when planning your window cleaning schedule. If your business is on a busy street or highway, your windows will become dirtier faster than a less travelled area

At J&M Window Cleaning, we will get in and scrub the interior and exterior glass of your business without disrupting your day to day activities. Have a huge presentation scheduled in the conference room in the morning? No problem. We’ll work around it. Does your call center need minimal disruptions throughout the day to best service your clients? Our techs will be happy to work quietly around them!

We pride ourselves in all we do, and have Troy businesses return to us for their window cleaning needs consistently. For more information, including all of our services we offer and  a free quote for your business, visit our website at www.jmwindowcleaning.com. We look forward to scheduling your window cleaning today!

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