Dec, 2017

How Commerce Commercial Window Cleaners Can Increase Your Sales

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Windows are the first things that customers notice when they walk past your store.

Most stores have large windows- some even cover the floor to the ceiling- so they catch the attention of people walking on the street. The cleanliness of your windows has a direct impact on your sales. Appearance is everything. When a customer walks past your shop, you want to entice them to come in because by them coming in, you increase your chances of converting them from a passerby to a paying customer. However, the chances of this happening if your store appears unwelcoming are very slim.

Would you yourself walk into a dirty, dodgy looking shop? We definitely wouldn’t! It’s the store owner’s responsibility to make sure that not only is the inside of their store clean, organized and neat, but that the outside of their store is as well. While running a business can seem overwhelming at times, it’s necessary to prioritize the cleanliness of your shop if you want to be successful. We’re here to tell you why Commerce commercial window cleaners can increase your sales exponentially.

Presentable stores inspire trustworthiness. Those who visit your store are more likely to purchase your products or services if they trust you. In fact, unless they feel safe and welcomed in your store, they won’t even step foot in the door. Customers know that business owners who care about their store’s appearance care about their customers. When you keep a dirty and disorganized store, you give off the impression that you don’t care about your business.

When you care about something, you look after it. There are some business owners who feel the same way; however, some of them try to save money by cleaning their large windows themselves. While there are some maintenance tasks you can easily perform yourself, window cleaning is not one of them. You can of course manage the occasional smudge, but it is nearly impossible for you to deep clean your own windows without training and specialized products and tools. If you want your business to make more money, you will need to hire a Commerce commercial window cleaner.

J&M Window Cleaning is the premier Commerce commercial window cleaner.

Over the nearly 15 years that we have been in business, our well-trained staff has cleaned the windows of thousands of residential homes and commercial properties including office buildings, restaurants and country clubs. If you are interested in seeing the quality of our work for yourselves, feel free to take a look at the photo gallery on our website.

We use only the highest quality products and tools and have a $1 million per accident liability insurance to prove to our customers that we care about their safety and satisfaction. We have helped transform several businesses who have seen a direct impact of this service on their sales.

Don’t let your competition win! Call J&M Window Cleaning today to hire the best Commerce commercial window cleaner.

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