Apr, 2017

It’s time for homes in Commerce to Get Ready for Summer!

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Attention Commerce home owners – we want to be your go to business for your window cleaning needs! Our technicians at J & M Window Cleaning are standing by, ready to jump in and get your windows clean and shiny for the summer sun!

We are dedicated to making your home as clean as the day it was built – from gutters to siding, we do it all. We have been Commerce’s leading window cleaning company since 2003, and our five start rating on google speaks for itself!

We provide the best window cleaning in Commerce, and start by using specialized tools and cleansers. Using squeegees and ladders to reach hard to get to windows, we gently remove the dirt and grime, and make all of your windows look crystal clear – no spots, no streaks, and 100% clean.

If you’d like to utilize our services for gutter cleaning, you can rest assured that we are 100% insured and background checked. Not only do we do the job for you, and do it well, but we save you the hassle of having to climb up on your roof and try to get those gutters clear yourself! Instead of putting yourself in a possible dangerous situation, let us do the climbing for you.

We will also make your siding look like brand new – something that is great to have in the early summer months! Why not show off how gorgeous your house is during those outdoor gatherings?

Since our technicians are fully trained and skilled in all areas of home cleaning and maintenance, you know that your Commerce property is in great hands with J & M Window Cleaners.

You may wonder why window, gutter, and siding cleaning is important for you home. There are a number of different reasons that J & M Window Cleaning has become the leading home cleaner in Commerce.

Home windows should be cleaned regularly. Not only for cosmetic purposes (but who doesn’t like a nice, shining window full of sunlight?), but for longevity of the glass as well!

With the weather we experience in Michigan, small environmental particles can find their way onto the window glass, and remain there. Overtime, this can cause the glass to weaken and be more susceptible to scratches, nicks, and even cracks. Regular cleaning by a professional service is a great way to extend the life of your windows, and keep your home looking amazing!

Gutter cleaning is another way to keep your home in tip top shape. While gutters are a little more obvious when they’re full, and in need of maintenance, it is important to keep an eye on them and have them serviced regularly.

Without regular cleaning, dirt, dust, leaves, even the occasional baseball, can find its way into the gutter and cause partial, or complete, blockages. Without the ability to have rain water flow off of your roof, clogged gutters can lead to flooding, leaky roofs, or even falling gutters – if the debris gets to be bad enough!

Using professional cleaners like J & M Window Cleaning for siding cleaning is necessary to keep your home looking like new, and to keep the material as stable as possible. Just like windows, dirt and grime can gather on your siding, and, after time, can cause weakening in the material – which is why cleaning is important!

Keep your home looking great, and staying new for as long as possible! Call J & M Window Cleaning today for your Commerce home cleaning needs.

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