Sep, 2018

Gutter Cleaners in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Northville, and Milford

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Winter is on its way and homeowners normally use the fall weather to do any needed maintenance jobs and prepare the house for the coming cold season. It is very tempting when seeing all the upkeep projects that a home requires to try to save money by doing some jobs yourself. This can be a good strategy as long as you know what you are doing but not when it comes to working at heights. People die every year from falling off roofs and ladders so is it really worth taking the risk?

This is where J&M Gutter Cleaners in Oakland County and South East Michigan come to the rescue. We are fully trained even to the heights of commercial buildings and when we get up to see into your gutters we are able to spot maintenance jobs while they are still small and will always report to you anything we find.

Fall is the ideal time of year to get your gutter maintenance done. The growing season is over and any weeds that are removed should not regrow over the winter. If the leaves have fallen off the trees they can be cleaned out and will not return till this time next year. It is important to have your gutters cleaned before winter sets in and problems occur because of heavy rain.

You may decide to save money by not having your gutters cleaned and you may get away with this for a year or two but the ravages of the weather and the leaves that collect in gutters during the fall will take their toll sooner or later. If your gutters or downpipes do get blocked then the water on a rainy day will spill over the edge of your guttering and down your siding. Even the best quality siding will eventually start to succumb to that kind of treatment and of course the repairs are likely to cost more than the gutter cleaning would have done in the first place. J&M gutter cleaners and gutter unblockers can make sure this does not happen and we will also clear out wasp’s nests and other nasties while we are at it.

If the weather gets cold, blocked downpipes and overflowing gutters can lead overnight to your footpaths freezing into skating rinks, so for everyone’s safety, asking the gutter cleaners to do their job once a year is a good idea.

Gutter cleaning is the sort of job that can be missed as we have so much else to think of in life. However you can ask J&M gutter cleaners and gutter unblockers to come by once a year and check your gutters for you and remember you get a discount if you have other jobs, like window cleaning done at the same time.

If you need gutter cleaners in Boston or Pontiac or anywhere close by just call (248) 605-2243 now, or send us an email at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com.


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