May, 2018

Summer Is Finally Here – Time For Window Cleaning!

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Phew! We don’t know about you, but we weren’t sure that winter was ever going to end here in Michigan. Between the snow, the rain and the cold – all of which went on for even longer than usual – it’s been a pretty rough few months, both for us and for our houses.

Well, that’s all behind us now, because it seems like summer has finally come to Birmingham, Clarkston, and the rest of our great state! The sun has come out again, the temperature is back up into the mid-eighties, and – from Bloomsfield Hills to Northville – the whole place seems much happier and cheerier.

Of course, as we touched upon earlier, all that bad weather hasn’t just been tough on us; it’s been hard on our homes too, and particularly our windows. These kinds of adverse weather conditions can lead to a whole slew of problems for your precious windows. These include unsightly but ultimately innocuous ones, like dirt and grime; and those which can cause potential damage to your windows and your home, like algae and mold.

The increased buildup of these unwanted substances is only natural. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility to get rid of them, through the use of a window cleaning company like J&M Window Cleaning. An effective, professional bout of cleaning is exactly what your windows need right now, to help them recover after those long, difficult months.

Of course, another reason for getting your windows cleaned is simply… because it’s nice to have clean windows in the summer! This is traditionally the most popular season for having visitors to your homes – for parties, or a couple of delicious barbecues, perhaps – and you’ll want your house looking its absolute best for these important occasions.

It’s also worth noting that clean windows actually let in considerably more sunlight than their grubbier counterparts. This means that – if you truly want to make the most out of this brighter, nicer season, and welcome the summer into your home – then a good bout of window cleaning is just what the doctor ordered.

This time of year is always one of the busiest here at J&M Window Cleaning; it invariably sees us whizzing around our area of operations, between places like Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston and Northville. Despite our high window cleaning workload, however, we’d still love to help you out too!

We’re very highly experienced in the art of window cleaning, and – by extension – rejuvenating people’s homes for the summer. We utilize both top-of-the-line cleaning equipment, and cleaning techniques that have been finely honed over the years, to always deliver the best results for you and your house.

Crucially, we’re also an extremely safe bet – we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you’re not happy with our window cleaning when we’ve finished (it’s not likely… but it’s possible, we guess!), we’ll come straight back out and get back to work. And if you’re still not happy after that (now we’re really entering the world of make-believe!), then we’ll give you back a full refund.

The summer is finally here, and it’s time to celebrate in style. This all begins with your home. Booking a professional service from J&M Window Cleaning is the ideal way to start getting your home back to its absolute best for the bright, happy months ahead. To do exactly that, just call us on (248) 605-2243, or email us at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com.


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