Jun, 2017

Is you Michigan home ready for summer parties?

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Break out the sunscreen and put away those mittens because, yes, it does in fact smell of summer in Highland, Michigan. And no better time than summer time to spruce up your house to relax with loved ones in the warmth.

You can relax even better knowing that J&M Window Cleaning have taken care of you window cleaning, gutter cleaning and house washing needs, and your home looks amazing!

Remember that your home is not simply a place where you keep your things. As a structure, your homes cleanliness speaks volumes about your capacity to care for your domain. This means that dirty siding is absolutely unacceptable! J&M does the hard work to shiny up your home’s siding and make it look fresher than ever.

Imagine the nightmare scenario of a social gathering, where just as the guests start to arrive, you notice the hideous blotches and blemishes stretched across your windows. How embarrassing! Will you spend all evening wondering what your friends must think of you – ow will you plan ahead and get J&M Window Cleaning to call and avail of our expert window cleaning services.

This nightmare CAN in fact go further if your guests’ attention lifts to the fact that there seems to be entire rainforests of dead leaves jammed and packed in your gutters. Avoid this tell-tale sign of neglectful home-ownership by having J&M Window Cleaning take care of all your gutter-related worries and woes well in advance.

Practice makes perfect, and there’s no denying that’s exactly what J&M Window Cleaning delivers with over 10 years of industry know-ho. The mastery of our services comes not only with our results but heavily invested in the process; which involves a very deliberate effort to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. This is why all of our products are non-harmful to plants, animals or people. We go as far as to make sure that even the water we use if 100% purified. Plus, each and every step is conducted while exercising the necessary precautions and using the appropriate safety/protective gear.

Our performance is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee goes as far as a promise that if you’re not happy with the work that’s been done, J&M will return to correct any issues you have, free of charge.

Our customers mean everything to us, yes, even more than loving the work, which we do very much. J&M Window Cleaning, above all, has one chief goal: To exceed our clients’ expectations with regards to what they feel they should deserve from a traditional home care service. We invite you to get hold of us now, and let us surprise you!

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