Jan, 2019

Start Your Year in the Right Way, With Post-Construction Window Cleaning

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Well, that’s that for another year! After the usual lengthy buildup, the hectic holiday season is now quickly disappearing in our proverbial rearview mirrors. Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we were certainly glad for the break… but now we’re ready and raring to go once more! If we go longer than a few days without cleaning windows, we just start getting all twitchy!

This is always an interesting time, of course, for a variety of reasons. It’s a period in which many people look back on what they managed to achieve in the previous year, and forward to what they might do differently in the year to come. This is true not just in their personal lives, but in their business dealings too. Unsurprisingly… it’s the latter that we’ll be discussing here!

All businessmen and women have certain positive attributes in common. When you’re in an industry like real estate, however, you need a particular set of eye-catching skills: bravery, resourcefulness, the ability to evaluate a potential deal, and so on. This rings true, whether you’re based in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Detroit or Troy. Obviously, if you work in the construction industry, you probably already possess these skills, and want to keep them going into the new year.

There are other attributes, however, that might sound less “sexy”, but which are equally important in our eyes. Perhaps the biggest example of all – and something which we could all work on in the coming 12 months – is attention to detail. When you’re working with something as valuable as property, of course all those aforementioned attributes are important. But it’s just as important that you don’t let everything slip through a mistaken oversight.

Post-construction window cleaning – one of our most popular services here at J&M Window Cleaning – relates to this perfectly. Some property developers might dismiss it as being an unnecessary expense. We don’t want to sound mean, but… those people probably won’t make it very long in the industry. The people who will stick around see things like post-construction window cleaning for what it is – an absolutely necessary part of the process.

After all, even after having gone through all the effort and expense needed to construct a new building, you’ve only fought half the battle. You still need to sell or let the place to actually, y’know… make some money. Post construction window cleaning vastly increases your chances of getting full value out of your property in Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Detroit or Troy, or even selling or renting it in the first place.

We know this doesn’t sound like the most important “new year’s resolution”, but we still think there’s a valuable message here. Paying close attention to detail is something that’s incredibly important in window cleaning, which is why it’s such a focus for our staff at J&M Window Cleaning. It’s equally important in other walks of life too, however, with the construction industry undoubtedly being a huge example.

If you work in real estate yourself, then we’d highly encourage you to start the year as you mean to go on. Begin paying attention to the little things straight away, and it’ll pay off in a big way in the long-term. Hiring J&M Window Cleaning for post-construction window cleaning on your beautiful new property is a perfect way to do just this.

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