Dec, 2016

We Have the Skill for Your Next Cleanup

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As fast as they can be built, homes of all kinds are going up all over the place. Single family homes, townhouses, condos, apartment buildings… Even shopping centers, fast food restaurants, storage centers, and drug stores. It seems like wherever there is a piece of land, there is the future home of one place or another.

Because the demand on construction crews is so high and the turn time for completing a building is so short, construction crews are in and out of places quickly. This means that they usually leave behind a great big mess. Sure, there are companies that specialize in post construction clean up, but they are generalized companies, meaning they do it all, rather than specializing in one particular skill. The idea sounds great – they will come in, clear out the remaining debris, and trash, clean the floors, countertops, bathrooms, any additional fixtures, etc. It is their job to make the place shine.

Usually, it does. But when it comes to the tough jobs, such as making post construction windows look like new again, they miss the mark. Windows take a beating in the construction process. Once installed, the workers are still using stucco, paint, caulking, tape, etc. inside the building. All this material usually ends up on the windows, one way or another. Without the special knowledge of how to remove each element properly, you could damage the windows in a way that is not repairable. After spending tons of money on the construction, no one wants to have to shell out additional money to replace damaged windows.

J & M Window Cleaning has the knowledge to tackle this job. We have the skill and the tools to take your post construction windows and turn them into the beautiful shining windows they were meant to be. Our dedicated staff knows how important it is to make an overall good impression on a new development. We treat your windows as our own.

The staff of J & M Window Cleaning is friendly, skilled, and equipped to handle any post construction mess you may encounter. We are bonded, insured and reliable. Call our office today for a quote. Our friendly, professional office staff can discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.

We proudly serve the Troy, Bloomfield Hills, and Farmington Hills areas, as well as the rest of Oakland County. Don’t risk the damage and try to clean your windows yourself – let the professionals handle it for you! Call us today!

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