Dec, 2020

Get a Free Quote for Post Construction Window Cleaning Now

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During the economic regeneration of the Detroit Metro area, which has taken place since the area’s nadir in the mid-2000’s, we’ve seen buildings being created and renovated at an impressive rate. In fact, it’s been happening so frequently that it can be difficult to avoid taking it for granted! It takes a real effort to remember just how much work and money has gone into each new building you see, from the people running the project as well as those involved in the actual construction. And after all of that work, of course… you still need to order in some professional post construction window cleaning! 

For the people running those construction projects – whether based in Birmingham, Commerce, Troy or Wixom – we understand why this might feel a little annoying! As noted, plenty of time and money will already have gone into the undertaking, and adding post construction window cleaning on top of all that will cost you more of both! 

While it obviously is an essential service, we get those frustrations. That’s why we attempt to make life that little bit easier for our prospective clients – in places like Commerce, Wixom, Birmingham and Commerce – by offering each and every one of them a completely free quote on their post construction window cleaning. 

To start taking advantage of this, all you have to do is call our team on (248) 605-2243. Simply tell us the details on any new construction projects you’ve been working on, and we’ll swiftly be able to come up with a quote for a full service. Better yet, we can assure you that the quote will be entirely reasonable and highly competitive, when compared to the prices of our post construction window cleaning competition in Michigan. 

That’s especially true when you consider just how much bang for your buck you’re getting with J&M Window Cleaning… if we say so ourselves, of course! For starters, we have almost two decades’ experience working in places like Commerce, Troy, Birmingham, Wixom, and surrounding areas. In that time, we’ve provided post construction window cleaning for buildings of all shapes and sizes, to a wide variety of time frames, and in all kinds of different weather conditions. In short, whatever the specifics of your job, we’ll almost certainly have completed jobs like it before – many times – and to a high standard too! 

As well as an exceptional amount of experience and flexibility, we also like to think that we bring plenty of skill to the table too! We can remove basically any and all unwanted substances from your new windows, including paint, stickers, and dust. Crucially, we’ll also do so with great care to ensure we don’t scratch those precious windows. 

When you’ve been managing a construction project, you know as well as anyone that those windows need cleaning at some point! We’d like to be the ones to provide that service for you, here at J&M Window Cleaning… but you don’t need to commit to us straight away! Instead, simply give us a call now on (248) 605-2243 and ask about our post construction window cleaning. We’ll be able to give you a bespoke quote completely free of charge, and – hopefully – we’ll take things from there! 

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