Mar, 2017

Building construction completed? Now it’s time to clean those windows!

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Construction on a new building is a very exciting time – and at J&M Window Cleaning we know how to make the most out of a newly built building – professionally cleaned windows! Business in Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Wixom, and Troy have used J&M Window Cleaning forever- and they continue to be amazed by the quality we produce.

Don’t take our word for it, though, call us today and see for yourself! With our trained technicians, we provide a cleaning solution that gives amazing results the first time – and with no risk to you, our client. While construction crews will clean up after themselves, not all construction companies are trained in the specialization of window cleaning.

Enter J&M Window Cleaning. We ARE trained in window cleaning, and provide specialized techniques to windows in a fresh construction site. Plaster, glues, dirt, dust… you name it, construction kicks it up. And sometimes, the debris decides to live on your window panes. Soap and water won’t get it off, and scraping the glue away could potentially damage the glass.

That’s where we use our professional grade soaps, cleansers, and tools. We gently remove the stains from your window panes, and leave them streak free, spot free, and ready to let in the sunshine!

The word of mouth referrals J&M Window Cleaning receives from the businesses in Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, and Wixom aren’t wrong – we really do care about your business as if it were our own. We love what we do, and it shows with each and every job that we complete.

Not only will your windows shine and sparkle once we’re done, but we do our work with a smile on our face, and courteous technicians each and every time. We will arrive at the allowed time, and start in the area that is most convenient for your business.

We know that window washing can sometimes be a distraction, and we ensure that our cleaning does not disturb meetings, call centers, or the productivity of your team. We get in and get out – all with amazing results that speak for themselves.

Interior window cleaning includes the scrubbing and washing of your windows, removing any dust or grime from the sills, and ensuring that our cleaning efforts leave no marks behind. While we work on the exterior of your windows, you will notice ladders and other tools will never crush your landscaping.

We are incredibly conscious of your property, and make it our priority to cover bushes, flower beds, and gardens. Our soaps won’t run into your plants (and even if they do, they’re made from “green” formulas, so it wouldn’t harm your plants!), and we will make sure that we never step on, or ruin any of your landscaping.

As our client, you are our first priority, and we understand that the outside of your building and business makes the biggest impression on your clients and employees. We want to leave your business looking better than when we arrived!

So when your next building construction project in Troy, Detroit, and everywhere in between is completed, call J&M Window Cleaning for the finishing touch!

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