Mar, 2021

DIY Post-Construction Window Cleaning – An Unnecessary Risk

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Constructing an entire new building is an incredible undertaking. This is true not only for the obvious financial costs involved, but also for the time and effort which it takes. Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we certainly tip our hats to anyone brave enough to attempt this feat, whether in Detroit, Troy, Novi, or Bloomfield Hills. And we have plenty of respect for everyone who manages to do so successfully! 

If you’re in the construction business, you’ll surely already know that – while the general public simply see a big new building going up – it’s the smaller details which are really the key. Often, those details don’t sound especially important… but falling short on one of them can end up having a major impact. The windows on a new building are a classic example, and anyone who fails to pay enough attention to them does so at their peril. 

Once the rest of the construction has finished, the new windows on a building are definitely going to look pretty bad. Not only might they still have partial or whole stickers on them, but they’ll often be covered with paint, dust, and other unsightly substances. 

Obviously, they need cleaning before potential clients, residents, buyers, or anyone else pays a visit. Carrying out this post construction window cleaning yourself – or asking a member of your team to do so – can be tempting. It might seem like both the quickest and cheapest option at first, rather than hiring a professional post construction window cleaning company. 

In reality, however, this course will often prove more costly in terms of both time and money. Anyone attempting to clean new windows without the proper training carries a significant risk of doing damage. This damage typically takes the form of scratches, which are easy to create and incredibly hard to get rid of! In the very worst cases – whether through scratches or something more sinister – a window may become so badly damaged that it needs to be replaced, at significant expense. 

With so much on the line, we have to ask whether it’s really worth running this risk. That’s particularly true when there are so many professionals out there willing to take care of the job for you. Hiring a professional post-construction window cleaning company – in Troy, Navi, Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, or wherever else you’re based – is both the safer and smarter play. 

J&M Window Cleaning is just such a company… and we’re pretty confident that we’re your top option too! We have almost two decades’ experience in post construction window cleaning, and have worked on homes and buildings of all shapes and sizes. After taking an initial inspection of your property, we will swiftly decide on the best treatment based on the type of glass your windows are made of. We can remove paint, stickers, dust, silicon, and just about everything else from those precious windows, and – crucially – will do so without leaving scratches. 

Don’t fall for the temptation of the DIY post construction window cleaning option, only to end up spending more time, money, and effort in the end. Simply make the right choice from the beginning, by contacting J&M Window Cleaning to sort out the problem for you. To do just that, either call us on (248) 605-2243, or email CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com.

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