Oct, 2018

J&M Commercial Window Washing Services in Bloomfield hills, Birmingham and Northville.  

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J&M offer the best commercial window cleaning services in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham and Northfield. We make window cleaning look easy but that is more to do with our professionalism than the actual ease of the job. We have all the right equipment and can clean windows at height as well as those that are hard to reach.

As you know our climate is not always kind to us; hot in the summer and cold in the winter and yet we dedicated window cleaners will do the job whatever the weather. If you are a builder and need new windows cleaned to a brilliant shine we are the people to go to. We believe we are the best commercial window cleaners Bloomfield has to offer and we work hard to keep our reputation.

The advantage of calling in the professionals is that the work is guaranteed. The biggest problem with new builds is that there could be concrete or other corrosive material covering the windows. If this is not removed properly you run the risk of getting scratches on your brand new windows, which sometimes means the added expense of replacing them. J&M Commercial Window Cleaners guarantee their work knowing that getting your property ready for sale or let is a big responsibility. If we do something wrong we are fully insured and are very safety aware. In fact we are so confident of getting it right that if anything goes genuinely wrong and it is our fault it will be our responsibility to put it right.

One thing that we ask is that you don’t call us in until you are absolutely ready. For instance we understand that painters and other tradesmen may need to put finishing touches to a new building. We recommend that we do our job after these last minute ones are completely finished. This is the most cost effective approach. If trades come in after us you are likely to have to call us again, thus paying for the same job twice. On the other hand if you give us enough warning we will be able to come in at the right time and expedite the job in a quick and efficient way, leaving your windows and their frames gleaming in the sunshine and attractive to inspectors and potential buyers alike.

If the weather is bad on the day we have arranged to clean your windows we will do the inside first. Rain does not last forever and nine times out of ten it has stopped by the time we are ready to go outside. When it comes to commercial window cleaners Birmingham businesses could do no better than to call us and we are confident that when it comes to commercial window cleaning Northville and surrounding areas are safe in the hands of J&M window cleaners.

So if you need a commercial window cleaner for a new build or an established business call J&M on (248)605-2243 today

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