Dec, 2020

What Exactly Does Post Construction Window Cleaning Involve?

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J&M Window Cleaning was first formed all the way back in 2003 (although our owners – Joe and Matt – had been providing window cleaning services for a while before that). The historians among you may recall that this wasn’t exactly the best time for Detroit, nor for surrounding areas like Birmingham, Commerce, Troy and Wixom! The economy was in the tank, and Detroit itself was heading towards ‘ghost town’ status. As you can probably guess, we didn’t manage to get too many post construction window cleaning clients around this time… simply because there wasn’t much construction going on! 

Fast forward 17 years or so, and the situation could hardly be more different. The Detroit Metro area has rebounded in an incredible way, with the economy largely going from strength to strength. Construction is definitely back too, whether through brand new buildings going up or big-time renovations of existing properties. 

With this rebound, our post construction window cleaning service has become more popular than ever! We’ve been delighted to welcome new clients from all around the area, whether their properties are based in Wixom or Birmingham, Commerce or Troy. 

If you’re involved in this field yourself, but you’ve never actually ordered post construction window cleaning yourself, you may well have wondered… what exactly does it involve? Well, we’ll tell you, and in the process help you to figure out whether it’s a service you’ll need for yourself. 

As you’ll surely know, if you’re in the business, constructing new buildings leads to a whole lot of mess! Dust of one sort or another really does get everywhere, including on your windows, and it can be much harder than it looks to remove. Another very common problem is paint, with flecks of it also seeming to end up all over the place – once again, including on your windows. 

Post construction window cleaning, in short, involves getting rid of all these things. It’s about taking those brand new windows – which will look pretty unappealing at this stage, despite their youth – and getting them straight back to their sparkling best. 

Whether you’re looking to sell or rent the new property – and whether it’s based in Troy, Commerce, Wixom, or Birmingham – the importance of this is pretty obvious. After all, grubby windows are one of the first things any prospective residential or commercial clients will notice. Clean windows, by contrast, will make the building look inviting, clean, bright, and generally appealing. 

We’ve deliberately made our explanation of post construction window cleaning pretty straightforward. Some of you, therefore, may be wondering if you could simply do it yourself! Our answer is… you could try, if you liked, but we wouldn’t recommend it. 

Without professional post construction window cleaning training, or the equipment a company like J&M Window Cleaning possesses, you’re unlikely to get very impressive results. In fact, you could end up doing more harm than good, with scratches being the damage you’re most likely to do. And when you’ve just invested a huge amount of time and effort into building a new property, repairing windows is the last thing you’ll want to do! 

So there you have it – a quick and easy explanation of what post construction window cleaning involves. If you’d like any further details though, or you’d like to book in a session for your property in Troy, Commerce, Birmingham or Wixom today, get in touch with J&M Window Cleaning. You can do so by emailing us at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com, or calling (248) 605-2243 now. 

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