Mar, 2019

Looking for Post-Construction Window Cleaning? Call the Experts!

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Even though it might seem like the holiday season only just concluded (at least, it does to us here at J&M Window Cleaning), we’re actually well into 2019. For the many businesspeople across Michigan who carefully crafted their plans last year for this one, those plans should well and truly be underway by now. That, of course, includes the many real estate whizzes who are operating across our great state.

Whether you’re finishing up construction on a new property right now, or you’re one of those aforementioned people who always plans far in advance, you need to approach the end of the construction phase extremely carefully. Building a new property is a time-consuming and costly undertaking, after all, and you don’t want to throw away all that hard work and money right at the end.

Something that does tend to get overlooked – based on our experiences with property developers across Birmingham, Detroit, Troy and Waterford – is post-construction window cleaning. Obviously, almost everyone remembers to actually do it in some form or another. Like every other service under the sun, however, the actual quality of that window cleaning varies drastically depending on how it’s done, and who you hire.

Some people like to do their own post-construction window cleaning, as a quick way to save a few bucks. As you can probably guess, we would 100% not recommend you doing this! If you do, one of two things will almost certainly happen: either you simply won’t get the windows clean, in which case you’ve completely wasted your time; or, even worse, you’ll actually damage the windows with your efforts. In either case, you’ll end up calling in professional window cleaners anyway… so why not save yourself some time, and just do that to start with?

So, it’s pretty clear that hiring professional post-construction window cleaning in Detroit – or nearby towns like Waterford, Birmingham or Troy – is a smart thing to do. With that said, however… there’s a difference between simple professionals… and experts.

There are plenty of companies out there who’ll happily clean your newly-fitted windows for you… using exactly the same techniques and equipment as they would for any other job. And why wouldn’t they? It’s easy money! If you want the job done properly, though, you need to hire genuine, bona fide experts in this specific field. In short, you need a company like J&M Window Cleaning.

We’ve got the training, the skills, and the proven track record to put you completely at ease. Unlike those aforementioned companies, we fully realize that different types of glass require different treatments. This is absolutely vital, in order to not only achieve the best results, but to avoid causing any damage to that precious glass too. We’ve also got a whole load of experience in removing dust, dirt, paint and stickers – both from the actual windows and the frames – in a manner which once again avoids causing damage.

In short, we implore you not to waste your time and money on DIY solutions or underqualified companies. Go straight for your top post-construction window cleaning option – J&M Window Cleaning – and simply enjoy your lovely, clean windows! To get in touch with us now, just call (248) 605-2243, or send an email to CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com.


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