Sep, 2016

Unblocking gutters in Milford, South Lyon, and Highland

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The next 3 months are our busy season for gutter unblocking and cleaning services, and we have bookings in Milford, South Lyon, and Highland coming up. If you live in the area and would like to make sure your gutters are ready for the winter storms, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can provide a full quotation along with references from happy customers in your area!

Maintaining your home is a constant task – but simple preventative work now can make sure you avoid big problems in the future, and making sure your gutters are clear is more important than you might expect. If your gutters are blocked and overflowing, the rainwater running down your walls & in under the eaves can cause serious damp, mold and rot issue – in the long term this can even cause structural problems that are very costly to repair. Don’t take the risk – get your gutters cleaned now, before the winter rains & snow hit.

At J&M Window Cleaning we also offer expert house washing services that can be tailored to suit your exact requirements, and to your specific home. Over the years we have built a reputation for quality workmanship and attention to detail, and our friendly workers always aim to go the extra mile and ensure that every client is smiling when the job is completed.

We use both high pressure cleaning and “soft-wash” low pressure methods for cleaning the outside of homes, depending on the type of surface. Many brick and concrete surfaces can be restored like new with our industrial power pressure washing equipment, and we use this to clean footpaths and driveways as well has house walls. But some surfaces are too delicate for this, so the soft-wash cleaning method uses chemical cleaning agents and specialist detergents to remove the mold, algae and lichen along with traffic film and general grime – and then a low pressure rinse washes it all away to reveal the pristine surface you remember.

This type of cleaning is a favourite with our team – there is amazing job satisfaction when you see a house completely transformed during your visit, and the smiles on our clients faces when they see the results are a massive bonus too!

If you have algae or mold on your siding and are embarrassed about the stains and discolorations, stop, and call us today! House washing is often more affordable than our clients expect, and in many cases we can make your home look almost like new again. Even painted surfaces can be restored with soft-washing, and because the method doesn’t cause damage to the surface there is often no need to re-paint after washing.

We have hundreds of happy customers in the area who can testify to our attention to detail. We’re cleaning perfectionists, and that’s why people hire us again and again!

No matter how big or small your home, no matter how bad the stains may be – we have a solution that can be tailor made to fit your needs. We can wash your house from top to bottom, and we can even clean the driveway and windows while we’re there too.

So, if you are looking for an unbeatable house washing and gutter cleaning services in Milford, South Lyon or Highland, call J&M TODAY!

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