Oct, 2020

Power Washing vs Soft Washing – The Main Differences

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We genuinely believe that house washing is one of the most valuable and useful services around for homeowners. And given that we provide quite a few such services here at J&M Window Cleaning, that really is saying something! Window cleaning might be more famous, and more commonly ordered by homeowners across Clarkston, Commerce Township, Bloomfield Hills, Northville, and elsewhere in Michigan… but we’d argue that house washing can be just as useful. In fact, when it comes to genuinely transformative changes, those achieved by house washing are arguably even more dramatic. 

Perhaps part of the reason why house washing isn’t more popular is simply because it’s not understood as well as window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and other basic services. For starters, many people – when they think of house washing – would automatically think of powerful jets of water being blasted at surfaces. 

In reality, this is only one type of house washing, called power washing (or sometimes ‘pressure washing’). There’s a whole other type – called soft washing – which is completely different in several meaningful ways. Let’s explore a few of those differences, so that you can identify the type of house washing which is best suited for your home in Bloomfield Hills, Northville, Commerce Township or Clarkston. 

Power washing, as the name suggests… is all about power! It involves using some seriously strong equipment, which is capable of blasting out water at extremely high pressures, and can be used to clean dirt, grime, mold, loose paint and more. Due to its sheer potency, power washing is suited for more robust areas – such as patios, driveways, roofs, gutters – and generally surfaces made from strong substances like concrete and stone. 

Many people like to carry out their own pressure washing. As responsible professionals, we would strongly not recommend this! Again, we’re talking about some high-powered equipment here. In the wrong hands, it has the potential to not only cause damage to your home, but – in the worst cases – to your person too. The much safer and smarter option is to simply hire a professional power washing company. 

As with power washing, the key to soft washing lies in the name! While it still requires high-tech equipment, the water – in this form of house washing – is applied at vastly lower pressures. Despite this, when used by skilful and experienced house washing professionals – like those at J&M Window Cleaning, for example – it can absolutely get a house looking as good as new again. In fact, it’s a much better choice all-round for delicate surfaces like shingles, siding, and anything else that can’t bear the brute force of power washing. 

So, there you have it – a quick and easy guide to the differences between the two main types of house washing. You should already have a better idea of whether power washing or soft washing would be more suited to your own needs. The only question now is… which professional house washing company should you hire to carry out this useful service?!

At J&M Window Cleaning, we’d naturally like to throw our hat into the ring. We’ve got almost two decades’ experience in house washing across the Commerce Township, Bloomfield Hills, Northville and Clarkston areas, making us true veterans! We bring this wealth of experience to bear on every soft washing and power washing job we undertake, along with high-end equipment, and liability insurance to the tune of $1 million per incident. 

If you’d like to get in touch now about your own house washing needs, we’d love to hear from you! Simply give us a call on (248) 605-2243, or email us at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com

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