May, 2016

Commercial Window Cleaning – Give Your Business a Makeover Today

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We clean for many businesses in the area, and this month our schedule has us mainly working in White Lake, Commerce, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills and surrounding areas.

The first impression that visitors get when approaching your business can play a vital part in your success. If your business looks shabby from the outside, you may find sales are affected. Even if your clients don’t consciously recognize the bad impression they receive, research proves that it still has massive influence, and sales will suffer.

J&M Window Cleaning have a range of exterior cleaning services that can boost your company’s appeal, giving the best possible first impression, and maximizing the selling power of your storefront or commercial entrance. If you are a business owner and you want to maintain the best possible image at all times – we can help!

We don’t just clean windows either – we clean gutters, cladding and siding, canopies, glass roofs, signage, even footpaths, paving and parking lots.
Aesthetics aren’t the only reason you should consider hiring a professional cleaning contractor though – here are a few other reasons we could be of benefit to you.

It Promotes a Good Overall Health
It isn’t surprising that a clean office is also a healthy one. By maintaining clean windows and removing dirty, greasy fingerprints you promote a cleaner and healthier workplace, which is a pleasant experience for everyone.

It Improves Safety & Boosts Productivity
Do you get your employees to take care of window cleaning tasks? Are they regularly taking risks on high ladders without the correct equipment and training? Let your employees spend more time working at the tasks they are best at, and let our team of experts take care of the windows. We have the equipment to undertake the task safely, and the experience and training to produce outstanding results every time.

Commercial Window Cleaning Creates a Positive Impression
The very first thing that customers will notice about a business is its appearance, from the litter in the parking lot to the smudges on the lobby doors, it all gets noticed. Cleanliness is a reflection of how your business operates. If your retail space, office or facility isn’t neat, this could affect your client’s impression about your business.

Clear and clean windows help to reinforce the positive image that your business strives so hard to maintain.

J&M Window Cleaning Can Help Your Business with Your Commercial Window Cleaning Needs

J&M Window Cleaning can help any business, whether it is a campus, facility or storefront.
Contact our friendly team today to find out more, and arrange for a no-obligation quotation for all of your cleaning needs.

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