Aug, 2020

Busting the Biggest Myth in House Washing

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Just about every homeowner in Michigan – whether they’re based in Clarkston, Commerce, Waterford or West Bloomfield – will book in residential window cleaning regularly. In fact, they’ve probably had it scheduled in for years – and will continue to do so – without even really thinking about it! 

Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we’re certainly not complaining about that. Window cleaning is in our name after all, and has been the cornerstone of our success over the years! We do find it curious, however, that – by comparison – house washing isn’t quite such a regular service for most people. Especially because, even next to the mighty residential window cleaning, it’s still a service which provides an enormous amount of benefit to your property! 

We have a couple of theories about why that is. One reason, of course, is straightforward tradition. People have had regular window cleaning for as long as any of us can remember, and that’s just the way it’s always been! House washing, by contrast, simply doesn’t have this commonly-accepted track record. 

We also believe that many people – in Waterford, West Bloomfield, Clarkston, Commerce, and further afield too – might not understand exactly what’s involved with house washing. More specifically, we think there’s a very real risk that people are also worried it might damage their precious home. 

This is a complete myth. It’s also a major frustration for us, because it holds people back from using a service with massive visual and practical benefits for their homes. Quite simply, if you use an experienced house washing company – like J&M Window Cleaning, for example – the risk to your surfaces is absolutely minimal. 

Overall, we truly doubt the risk is any higher than it is for window cleaning. If either is practiced by inexperienced workers – or, even worse, if a homeowner takes the DIY approach – then of course damage can be caused. But if you choose to find and hire a highly experienced outfit, with a long and exemplary track record, your home will be treated with the utmost care at all times. In addition, the results you’ll get will be extremely impressive too. 

Of course, when practical work is being carried out on your Clarkston, Commerce, Waterford or West Bloomfield-based property, there’s always some risk of an accident. That’s simply unavoidable. Any respectable house washing company, though, will have been sure to take out liability insurance to account for those risks. 

Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we’re not only interested in busting these house washing myths in theory. We’re also in the business of busting them practically! In fact, we’d confidently describe ourselves as one of, if not the most reliable house washing company in Waterford, West Bloomfield, Clarkston, Commerce… and the wider Detroit area, for that matter! We’ve got over two decades of experience in house washing, after all. This experience helps us to be extremely careful and considerate when washing your home, and also means we do a pretty great job, if we say so ourselves! On top of all that, we also carry full liability insurance, which – as mentioned – is a ‘must’ for a house washing company. In our case, we’re covered to the tune of a mighty $1 million per incident. 

When it comes to house washing, with true professionals like J&M Window Cleaning, there really is nothing to be afraid of. This is a truly powerful service, which can transform the appearance of your home in no time, with no real drawbacks. So, to get some house washing booked in for yourself now, simply call us on (248) 605-2243 or email CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com. 

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