Nov, 2020

How to Pick a Post Construction Window Cleaning Company

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As everybody knows, Detroit – and its surrounding areas – went through a major decline in the early 21st century. In recent years, however, we’ve seen a remarkable turnaround in our great city, which – in turn – has helped to spark a similar upturn in surrounding towns like Clarkston, Commerce, West Bloomfield and White Lake. 

One of the main ways this has manifested itself is in increased construction, with both new homes and commercial properties now being built at a steady rate. If you’re involved in construction, and work on such properties, then you know just how much work goes into them. You also know the importance of finishing off each long and challenging job in the correct way, and post construction window cleaning plays a massive role in this. In fact, we’d say this service is indisputably vital in painting that valuable new property in its best possible light. 

Of course, the Detroit metro area remains a pretty big place, so – whether you live in West Bloomfield or Clarkston, Commerce or White Lake – you’ve actually got a lot of choice when it comes to picking a post construction window cleaning company. There are a few things we’d say are absolute ‘must haves’ though, with these being the most important of all. 


As with other similar services, in post construction window cleaning there really is no substitute for experience… and the more experience, the better! 

Younger companies are more prone to making mistakes, can take significantly longer to complete their work, and often don’t yet have the best equipment for the job. An experienced post construction window cleaning company, by contrast, represents the flip-side of all those coins. They’ll consistently deliver high quality work, and – quite simply – give you a better return for your money. 


Not all post construction window cleaning companies are comfortable in every situation. Some specialize in commercial properties, for example, while others prefer residential ones. Some are better at cleaning the windows of smaller buildings than larger ones, and may not even have the right equipment to tackle the latter. 

Before you hire an outfit, therefore, be sure to check that they can actually provide the type of post construction window cleaning you need! 


This is arguably the most important factor of all. Plenty of time and money will have gone into constructing a building, and the last thing you need is a post construction window cleaning company to come in right at the end making mistakes and creating new problems! 

As noted, experience plays a huge role in this, so a company’s track record should be one of the first things you check. You should also confirm that they have liability insurance, and – in general – enquire about the safety measures they put in place. 

So, there you have it – three of the most crucial things to look for in a post construction window cleaning company, whether in Commerce, Clarkston, White Lake or West Bloomfield. These guidelines should help immeasurably with your search… but if you’d like to save yourself the time, you can simply opt for J&M Window Cleaning right from the beginning! 

Not only do we have some two decades of experience under our belts, but we’re perfectly at home cleaning both commercial and residential properties, make safety an enormous priority, and carry liability insurance to the tune of $1 million per incident. If you’d like to enquire about a job right now, simply email us at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com, or call (248) 605-2243. 

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