Dec, 2018

Protect Your Investment, With Post Construction Window Cleaning

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As proud residents of the Detroit metropolitan area, born and bred here in Michigan, there’s a special place in our hearts for all the residents of this great state. With that said, there is one specific group of people for whom we have a particularly high level of respect – property developers.

These people have showed a true entrepreneurial spirit. They’ve committed to a long-term goal, often at great personal expense, and have taken on a huge amount of risk too. If done correctly, property development can obviously deliver incredible returns. If it all goes wrong, however… well, let’s just say the stakes are pretty high, and leave it at that.

The most successful people in this field are those who don’t act like cowboys, but instead pay a lot of attention to detail, and ensure that every possible avenue is covered. When you’ve invested so much time, money and effort into a project, this has to be the approach you take.

The people who come to us for post construction window cleaning are perfect examples of this. Amongst all the hectic activity of dealing with a construction company, lawyers, government officials, and so on, before you’ve even gotten on to trying to sell or let your property, windows are one detail that often gets forgotten about. Again, this is something which distinguishes the great property developers from the rest of the bunch.

There are lots of window cleaning companies out there in the Detroit area, of course, operating in places like Troy, Auburn Hills and Bloomfield Hills. But, post construction window cleaning is a whole other matter entirely. It requires a different approach, and – in particular – an extremely keen eye for detail.

That second quality – attention to detail – is what we want to focus on in this article. Here at J&M Window Cleaning, this is something on which we absolutely pride ourselves. We realize how incredibly valuable your property is to you, whether it be residential or commercial. We realize how frustrating any mistakes might be, and how they could set your timetable back.

This awareness informs our entire approach to post build window cleaning. We exercise caution and care in absolutely everything we do. Whilst we still want to work quickly and efficiently, of course – to keep you on that aforementioned timetable – safety is still our number one priority.

We take the time to analyze exactly what type of glass you’ve had installed on your new property, and we tailor our window cleaning approach accordingly. Using the wrong technique for a particular kind of glass can cause lasting damage, which is the last thing you need, of course. Despite our cautious approach, we still absolutely get your windows sparkling clean, removing dust, paint, stickers, silicon, and so on. Crucially, however, we do so without leaving unsightly and damaging scratches on your windows.

It doesn’t matter where specifically you’re based, whether in central Detroit, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills or Troy. You’ve put a huge amount of effort into having your building constructed… so why take a risk with it now? You want to hire the safest possible post construction window cleaning company you can find. In short, you want to hire J&M Window Cleaning. To do precisely that, simply call (248) 605-2243, or email us at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com.


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