Apr, 2021

Why Now is the Perfect Time for Post Construction Window Cleaning

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It’s fair to say that we’ve all had a pretty tough time of it over the past year or so. The seemingly never ending Covid pandemic has significantly affected the good people of Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, Novi, and Troy, just as it has with citizens all around the country. Restrictions put in place to slow down the virus have had an impact on all of us. That applies not just personally, but professionally too. 

One area that has been particularly hard-hit has been construction, with the industry suffering greatly. Construction workers proved more likely (PDF) to contract the virus from the beginning, and – quite simply – there’s been a huge drop in demand for new buildings of most types. In turn, here at J&M Window Cleaning, we’ve seen a clear and obvious drop in the demand for our own post construction window cleaning.

With our fingers firmly crossed, however, it seems as if all that should change in the near future. Public restrictions across Michigan have been relaxed recently, and – if this trend continues – various industries will start recovering extremely quickly. That should definitely include construction too, with both buyers and renters being far more likely to commit to commercial and residential properties. 

If you’re based in Novi, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, or Detroit, and you’ve been holding off on post construction window cleaning, this really is the perfect time to strike. Quite simply, few other services can have such a significant impact for such a relatively low cost. After the bulk of the construction has been finished on your property, the building itself will inevitably look the worse for wear in a few key areas. 

Windows are undoubtedly one of them. In fact, they can seem to have a magical, magnetic property sometimes, which simply attracts the likes of dirt, dust, and paint to them! That’s pretty much unavoidable – the important thing is to simply deal with this problem in the correct manner, so that the property will be as appealing as possible to prospective clients, tenants, and buyers. 

Post construction window cleaning is definitely the best route here. If you or one of your workers tries to fix things for yourself, you’ll almost certainly end up scratching the glass, or causing even worse damage. Professional workers, with extensive training, will know how to take care of business in the safest, most efficient way possible. 

Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we truly consider ourselves your top option for post construction window cleaning, whether you’re based in Detroit, Troy, Bloomfield Hills, Novi, or other nearby areas. We’ve got almost two decades of experience in the field, and have cleaned the windows of every type of new building imaginable, from apartments and houses, to large offices. We have all the equipment and training you could wish for, and carry a whole lot of insurance too, just in case something does go wrong. 

If the ongoing Covid pandemic has impacted your construction plans, we can understand just how frustrated you probably feel. The end does seem to be in sight though, meaning that it’s high time to start making your new properties look as good as possible. Professional post construction window cleaning is an excellent way to do so, and J&M Window Cleaning are your top choice for this valuable service. To get in touch with us now, simply call (248) 605-2243, or email CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com. 

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