Apr, 2018

J&M Window Cleaning – For Your Emergency Window Cleaning Needs!

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We’ve all been there. You’ve invited friends or family to your home – or, perhaps, they’ve invited themselves at short notice. You take a good look at the place, not long before they arrive, and… you realize it looks terrible!

Perhaps you’ve been busy with work, perhaps you just didn’t feel like cleaning for a week or two, but – one way or another – the house has gotten into a state where it’s simply not fit to welcome company. The important thing to do is simply not to panic – J&M Window Cleaning is here to help! We can’t promise we’ll wash your dishes, or vacuum your house, but we will gladly help with your windows!

After going through a long winter like the one we’ve just had in Michigan, which seemed as if it was never going to end, it’s only natural that your windows might be looking a little grimy. For better or for worse (well, we’d say it’s for worse, of course), people just don’t get their windows cleaned as regularly in the colder, grimmer months.

If you fall into this category too, then you may well take a look at your windows – with company set to arrive imminently – and judge that they don’t reflect well on you or your family, to put it nicely! Sounds to us like it’s high time to order in some speedy window cleaning for your home, whether it be in Birmingham, Bloomsfield Hills, Clarkston or Northville.

Fortunately, here at J&M Window Cleaning, we’re experienced in providing just this kind of emergency service. We’re well aware that time can be a factor for your window cleaning needs, and that’s exactly why we’ve got an Instant Quote feature on our website (check it out here).

Using this feature is incredibly quick. All you have to do is select the type of service you require (Window Cleaning, in this case), give us your address – Birmingham or Northville, for example – and fill in your contact details. Your enquiry will be sent straight to us, and – as soon as we get it – we’ll swiftly evaluate the job and get back to you ASAP with a reasonable and fair estimate.

Of course, if you want an even faster response, you can always just call us! We’re friendly folks here at J&M Window Cleaning, who love a good conversation with our customers, but if you’re in a hurry then we’ll be more than happy to get straight down to business, and give you a quote over the phone. Our number is (248) 605-2243.

Once we’ve gotten your enquiry, and if you agree with our quote, then we’ll schedule in your home for window cleaning as soon as we possibly can. Whilst we’re lucky enough to have a busy schedule – whizzing back and forth between places like Bloomsfield Hills and Clarkston – if you let us know that you need some emergency window cleaning, then we’re sure we’ll be able to fit you in.

So if you’ve got a pressing engagement at your home, and you really need to get it sparkling in a hurry, then – again – do not panic! J&M Window Cleaning will come to the rescue, getting your windows looking as good as new again in absolutely no time. Simply fill in our Instant Quote form, or call us on (248) 605-2243, and we’ll happily save your bacon!

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