Nov, 2018

J&M offer the best Gutter Cleaning Service in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and Northville.

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Fall has arrived and the colors on the trees are spectacular but what happens when they have all fallen? Many of them end up in your gutters and can clog them just as the winter rains start to fall. They can also gather into slimy heaps on footpaths that can become slippery. If you live in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham or Northville this is not a problem as J&M are here to help with your fall clean up.

But why have your gutters cleaned? If your gutters or chutes are clogged up, the winter rains will most likely run down the walls of your building causing the siding to become waterlogged and to start to rot. This can lead to damp and black mold getting into the house where it can cause lung problems due to the spores. Very often damp problems in the home can be traced back to clogged gutters and chutes. Sometimes getting a small job done at the right time can save you much bigger problems later on.

The reason to ask a professional company to do this job for you is that they will be trained in all aspects of safety and will have the right equipment. After all is the small amount of money you save by doing it yourself worth the risk of climbing ladders? Statistics say that most ladder accidents occur when the victim is less than nine feet off the ground and that many of them are serious head injuries. Apart from the risk to life and limb there is the risk of leaning too hard on the guttering and bending it and of finding something nasty in the guttering, like a dead rat or a wasp’s nest.

We believe that J&M are the best gutter cleaners Bloomfield Hills has to offer. We can assess your building and will let you know if we find any maintenance jobs that are needed so that you can have them done before they cause serious problems. Fall is an ideal time to have the gutters cleaned because then they will be ready for anything the winter weather can throw at them.

Please do not hesitate to contact our professional gutter cleaners to see what they can do for you. J&M will happily clean the gutters of domestic houses and will also take on large commercial buildings such as factories and warehouses. We have special offers for all your fall clean up jobs and our quotes are always free. If needed they can be itemized so you know exactly what you are paying for and of course whether commercial or domestic, all our work is fully insured so that you have complete security.

J&M operate in a wide area of Oakland County and South-East Michigan including Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham and Northville.

It pays to keep your building maintained so feel free to call us on (248)605-2243 to see what we can do for you.



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