Nov, 2018

J&M offer Domestic Window Washing in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and Northville.

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J&M are the premier window cleaners in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham and Northville. In fact we believe that we are the best window cleaners Northville has to offer. When considering which window cleaning company to use, what should you be looking for?

  1. They have to be professional and that means being insured. If you get the guy next door who wants to earn a few extra dollars to do it and something goes wrong, he could claim off your house insurance for damages, so always ask what a company’s insurance situation is. No professional company will take offense at this and most will be happy to show you their certificate of insurance before they start the job. Of course this is no problem for J&M as we are fully insured and can show you the documents to prove it.
  2. Make sure they have the right equipment. A pair of wobbly ladders won’t cut it. You will find that professional companies such as J&M window washing are fully kitted out and can tackle everything a domestic property can throw at them including cleaning your screens and your frames.
  3. They should have transparent pricing. You should be able to see exactly what you are paying for. Most professionals like J&M Window Cleaning will be happy to give you a written quote and will stick to it; all quotes should be free and there should never be a call out charge just to assess your property.
  4. They should be reliable. Most window cleaning companies prefer repeat custom but with some you actually have no idea when they are coming or if they will come. J&M will agree a regular schedule with you, will stick to it and if appropriate will let you know the day and time.
  5. They should be established; so often these days you will make a phone call and all you get is an electronic voice telling to which number button to press; when you press the button you get another menu and another and another; you end up wondering if there is actually any human being there at all! We at J&M are not just a call center, we are real people, ones you can get hold of, tell your concerns to, get actual information from and even complain to if needed. This too is part of the way we respect our customers.
  6. You need a firm that will give you value for money. We will not charge big prices for small jobs. It is always wise to get more than one quote for any job that is going to cost you a good bit of your hard earned money. We at J&M offer competitive rates and of course on top of that there are our special offers; all this makes us confident that you will be happy with our prices.


So if you live in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and Northville don’t hesitate to call us on: (248)605-2243.


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