Oct, 2017

The #1 choice for professional window cleaning in White Lake 

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There are several professional window cleaning companies that service the area of White Lake, but there are none quite like J&M Window Cleaning.

J&M Window Cleaning started because of the vision of two friends and a $600 family loan in 2003. Over the past nearly 15 years, Joe and Matt, the owners of J&M, have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of the window cleaning business. The owners know the value of hard work, dedication and friendly customer service. They started from almost nothing and have since built an incredibly successful business that provides window, gutter and house cleaning to a plethora of both residential and commercial customers. J&M Window Cleaning is the #1 choice for professional window cleaning in White Lake. Let us tell you why.

  1. We have the experience

When J&M Window Cleaning started back in 2003, both of the founders already had experience working as professional window cleaners. The company has been in business for over 14 years, but Joe and Matt have over 30 years of professional window cleaning experience between the two of them. We have serviced hundreds of happy customers in White Lake and the surrounding area. If we weren’t able to keep our customers satisfied, they wouldn’t have kept coming back or told their friends about us and we would not have been able to grow like we have. Not only do we have experience in the window cleaning industry, but we also have experience delivering high quality customer service.

  1. We are passionate about cleaning

Back in 2003, with only $600, Joe and Matt were able to create J&M Window Cleaning. Isn’t that incredible? They were both in their early twenties and were able to build a business that has lasted over a decade. However, they only started J&M Window Cleaning because of their passion for their community. They could have easily worked for another company, but rather than leave their community, Joe and Matt decided to use their experience to create a business that would service local neighborhoods. They were able to successfully do what they love and help those around them at the same time. As J&M Window Cleaning has grown, Joe and Matt have only hired staff that are just as passionate about cleaning as they are. All staff members love what they do and are trained to do it well.

  1. We are dedicated to our customers

When Joe and Matt started this business over a decade ago, they did so because they wanted to use their skills as experienced window cleaners to service their community. Since before J&M was founded, the owners have been dedicated to the members of their community. While their company and clientele may have expanded, their dedication to customers has not changed. J&M Window Cleaning truly prioritizes customer service. We even offer free window cleaning estimates online, over the phone and in person in White Lake and the surrounding areas.

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