Feb, 2017

It’s Time to Make Your Shop Shine for Spring!

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Spring is right around the corner, and will be a welcome change from the gray Michigan winter that’s been hovering overhead! At J & M Window Cleaning, we are extremely excited to be your premier window cleaner in Southeastern Michigan. We service the areas of Waterford, Wixom, Milford, Auburn Hills and everywhere in between – providing top notch window cleaning services to all area businesses.

As business owners, we know how important it is to make a great first impression on our clients – both prospective and ongoing – and the windows of your building can help you do exactly that.

While we may think of clean windows as being more important to retail shops, or businesses where products are displayed prominently, all businesses can benefit from a good set of clean, sparkling windows. When clients arrive at your building, like it or not, your building exterior is the first impression they get of your business style.

Windows that are spotted, streaked, or just plain dirty, clients may wonder what your interior looks like. Now imagine arriving at a business with sparkling window panes, sunshine pouring into the reception area. Not only does this show clients that you care about your building, but gives them the impression that you will care for their business just as you care for your building.

Marketing is all in the mind, and clean buildings are a great way to market your care and dedication of your business!

At J & M Window Cleaning we know that your time is precious. We understand that time is money, and you don’t have time, or the skilled professionals to clean your windows. This is where we come in. We’ve served the areas of Milford, Auburn Hills, Wixom, and Waterford for years, and want to add your name to our list of already happy clients.

Our technicians are friendly, approachable, and best of all, trained in the art of window cleaning. Using the latest technologies, our technicians will arrive at your business and work around your schedule. We never interrupt meetings, and cause as little disruption as possible to you and your staff. Our goal is to provide the best window cleaning experience that we can, and we never want to be in the way of your business process.

The cleaning process for your window interiors includes window sills and window tracks, which means we continue to keep the cleanliness of your business in mind, leading to impressed clients and employees! Remember – employee morale is a huge part of a successful business! Sunshine through clean windows helps your employees stay productive and focused.

We never want you to worry about insurance or any details of our job – J&M Window Cleaning will handle everything! We are fully insured, and all technicians use processes and techniques that are 100% approved by OSHA. We even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all window cleaning jobs. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t completely satisfied, call us and we will be back on site to make it right.

While it’s still gray and the end of winter is still hanging on tightly to southeastern Michigan, call J&M Window Cleaning today to get a jump start on your business spring cleaning!

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