May, 2016


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If you are a homeowner in the White Lake, Commerce, West Bloomfield, and Bloomfield Hills area, listen up! When is the last time you checked if your gutters are clear and water is flowing away properly?

Every house has gutters, but many homeowners underestimate their importance, and few understand the damage that blocked & overflowing gutters can cause to a home.

Leaves, debris, muck, dirt, and moss build up in the gutters of every home over time, and if you live in an area with trees nearby you may be affected more than most. If this buildup is left unchecked, blockages occur and getters start to overflow. It’s when rainwater starts overflowing back onto the roof or on the walls that problems begin.

Mold and rot thrive in damp conditions, and water running down the outside of your home for extended periods of time will nearly always find a way in. Even a small amount of mold can affect the health of everyone in your home – breathing in the airborne spores that help the mold spread throughout your home, can cause serious respiratory illnesses and often affects children & the elderly the worst.

As well as the potential health issues, there is the risk of property damage too. Damp issues can damage plasterwork, destroy carpets, damage hardwood floors and eventually wet rot can even destroy structural elements in timber frame homes that can be hugely expensive to repair. If rainwater is pooling under the foundations instead of flowing away down the drains, it can result in subsidence issues.

Preventing such big problems requires only a small bit of maintenance though! Regular gutter checks and clearance when necessary can protect your home and catch potential issues before they become major expenses. At J&M we offer regular scheduled gutter clearance services, and we have the tools and the know how to reach even the highest & most awkward gutters – we even check the downspouts too to ensure rainwater can flow away freely.

If you live in White Lake, Commerce, West Bloomfield, or Bloomfield Hills, you can feel confident knowing that your gutters will be taken care of by the some of the best professionals in the area. AND – if you add a gutter cleaning to any of our other professional services, you will get 10% off both of the services. It’s our thanks to you for having us take care of your home.

To schedule an appointment with us or to get a quote, just call us today on (248) 605-2243 and speak with one of our highly trained professionals.

If you love your home, don’t hesitate. Call us today!

We also clean and unblock gutters on commercial buildings. If you need a professional cleaning company to service the rainwater system on your business premises, call J&M today!

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