Feb, 2017

Spring clean your Waterford business!

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It’s hard to start thinking about spring as winter is still whipping around us, but it is right around the corner! And that means it’s time to scrub the salt, dirt, and weather grime from the windows of your Waterford business. With J&M Window Cleaning, the interior and exterior glass of your business will let the sunshine pour in!

We often think of our houses needing to be cleaned and maintained over the course of the year, but more often than not, our commercial buildings go unnoticed until streaks of dirt make it difficult for natural light to fill the area.

Car dealerships and country clubs, both business that rely on sparkling glass use J&M Window Cleaning, and we always make sure that all of our clients are 100% absolutely satisfied! Our teams never work on commission, which means that the job you’ve hired us to do is never rushed to get onto the next one.

Offices around Waterford have used our services since we started window cleaning, and love what we do for their businesses. Dirty windows not only make buildings seem old and aged, they lack of cleanliness can cause employees to be less productive as well! Sunshine and a clear view of the outdoors provides a friendly environment where people want to work.

Here at J&M Window Cleaning , we want to make sure your business shines. While we work, you can rest assured that we will make sure not to disrupt the flow of your office. We’ll work around your meeting schedule, and be courteous and aware of conference calls and other phone conversations while we clean inside.

We’ve got you covered with exterior glass as well – we are always careful of your landscaping and flowers, and make it a priority that our equipment never damages any plant life. We tailor our cleaning process to your building. This means that smaller jobs get the squeegee, ladder, and pole treatment; while in larger offices, we will use the roof with a bosun’s chair. All of our technicians and methods follow OSHA guidelines, so you never have to worry about the safety of your employees or ours.

Business in Waterford and the surrounding areas have used us for cleaning services other than just windows, that’s the great thing about J&M Window Cleaning! We’re your one stop shop for windows, but also concrete cleaning, screen cleaning, dusting hard to reach places (like light fixtures, chandeliers, and other inconvenient areas), and water stain removal. If it needs to be cleaned in your business, J&M is your answer.

We now have over one hundred happy customers that have not only returned to our services on more than one occasion, but have recommended friends and family in the Waterford area utilize J&M as well. As referrals are the biggest testimonial a client can provide, we’d love to have the opportunity to gain yours as well!

Remember, the next time you’re on a conference call looking out streaked windows, remember to call J&M Window Cleaning for a free quote! You can also find our website at www.jmwindowcleaning.com with our services and contact information. We look forward to your call!

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