Jun, 2018

Get Your Summer Started in Style, With Cut-Price House Washing

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We don’t know about you, but we were starting to worry that the summer would never get here! We’re not exactly strangers to tough winters here in Michigan, of course, but this year’s edition was a real doozy!

Anyway, we couldn’t be happier to see the sun emerging once again, and the mercury in our thermometers (or, who are we kidding, the numbers on our “Weather” apps) growing higher and higher.

Now, with everything bright and cheerful once again, we can truly start looking ahead to a great summer. Different people do this in different ways, of course, whether it’s through a new wardrobe, a fresh haircut, or planning a dream vacation.

Cleaning your home might not be the sexiest-sounding option in this regard, but it’s still something that simply needs to be done. This is the season where you’re most likely to be entertaining friends and family, after all, and you want your home to look as good as possible. That goes not just for the inside, of course, but for the outside too.

The thing is, with all those much more fun-sounding things to save for – like a vacation, for example – you’d obviously prefer not to spend too much money on this. But… it does need to be done! What to do?!

Why, speak to J&M Window Cleaning, of course! We know that there are plenty of exciting things you want to spend your money on this summer, and that’s why we’ve added a fantastic new, money-saving deal to our range of special offers (you can check out the rest of them here).

“Sounds amazing!” we hear you say. “What’s the deal?” Well, we’ll tell you! It’s called the Exterior Cleaning Special. In short, all you have to do is schedule in house washing with either exterior window cleaning or gutter cleaning, and you’ll receive a hefty 15% off your total bill. Not bad at all, huh?

House washing, window cleaning and gutter cleaning are all vitally important services at this time of year, when you want your home – whether it’s based in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston or Northville – looking as good as it possibly can for the summer. They all also happen to be services which we’re highly proficient in here at J&M Window Cleaning! It makes sense, therefore, to get at least two of these must-do jobs ticked off at once, and it makes even more sense that you’d want to do so in a way that saves you a significant chunk of change.

In fact, we’ve even been known to combine our special offers before. We want to make it clear that it’s not something we do regularly, but it has been known to happen on certain occasions. Again, we’d highly recommend checking that lovely Special Offers page, then asking about this if you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be?!).

The summer has finally arrived in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Clarkston and Northville, and it’s time to celebrate in style. Having a sparkling clean home – through services like house washing, window cleaning and gutter cleaning – is obviously a huge part of that. To get those exact services at the highest possible quality, and with an excellent 15% discount, just get in touch with J&M Window Cleaning now. To do exactly that, send us an email at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com, or call us on (248) 605-2243.


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