Apr, 2021

Get Ultimate Peace of Mind With Your Residential Window Cleaning

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Getting your windows cleaned is something that the vast majority of homeowners will take for granted. That’s true whether you’re based in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Commerce, or Northville. It’s also true regardless of how frequently you get it done – monthly, quarterly, or even less frequently. Residential window cleaning – delivered by a professional company – is simply something which happens regularly… and which you don’t pay too much additional thought to!

When you do stop and think about it, however, this service is actually a pretty big deal. Every time you hire a residential window cleaning outfit to perform their services, you’re taking a risk. You’re basically putting the safety of your most valuable possession – your precious home – into their hands, and trusting that they’ll get the job done without doing any damage. 

Fortunately, this is usually exactly how things work out. A residential window cleaning company with any reasonable level of experience – whether they’re based in Commerce, Birmingham, Northville, or Bloomfield Hills – will pay plenty of attention and care to each job they undertake. Their staff will be highly-trained, and they should hopefully have equipment that’s good enough to get the job done in an efficient manner. 

With all that said, accidents do happen. There’s always the possibility – however experienced that company is – that something will go wrong, and that damage will be caused. That’s the ‘risk’ you’re taking in these cases, and – due to human error – there’s simply no way to eliminate it. 

The great equalizer here, and the only way you can truly get full peace of mind with your residential window cleaning, is liability insurance. With this in place, you can be sure that – if any damage is caused – you won’t be on the hook for it. Before hiring a professional window cleaning company, therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you check they carry liability insurance before any money changes hands. 

Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we’re proud to offer all of our clients that aforementioned peace of mind. We carry liability insurance to the tune of a mighty $1 million per incident, which – realistically speaking – will cover just about anything that could reasonably go wrong. In fact, if you’d like to scout this out for yourself before hiring us, we’d be more than happy to get our agent to forward you the proof. 

In addition to that, we can reassure you that your home is safe in our hands for a few other reasons. For starters, we have an exceptional amount of experience, having provided residential window cleaning across Northville, Commerce, Bloomfield Hills, and Birmingham for almost two decades now. This has given us a huge amount of expertise in how to clean windows using methods that are not only effective, but safe for your property too. All our staff have also been put through an expert training program, and we’ve been sure to consistently invest money in the best possible tools for the job. 

Putting the physical safety of your home in the hands of others might be a scary idea, but there are definitely steps you can take to minimize the risks involved. Confirming a residential window cleaning company has insurance is the best way to do so, and – at J&M Window Cleaning – we have this and plenty of other ways in which to reassure you. To arrange window cleaning which is both safe and effective now, simply email us on CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com, or call (248) 605-2243. 

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