Jun, 2016

Friendly. Quality. Affordable.

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Friendly. Quality. Affordable. These three words separated, while all individually desirable qualities, do not hold quite as much of an impact as they do when they are all listed together. Are we right?

We believe that they key to success truly lies in the union of these three words. Friendly. Quality. Affordable. In fact, we believe it so much that we built a business around it! So, if you are looking for a top of the line, quality, friendly, and affordable residential window cleaning service in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, or Franklin Township, look no further! J&M Window Cleaning is here! Our business is our pride and joy and we have built ourselves from the ground up on the idea that when our customers walk away from us they have experienced these three principles. This means, when our service is concluded, we want them to feel like they have been cared for, received the excellent service they were expecting to receive, and paid a fair price for top notch service. Friendly. Quality. Affordable. Simple as that!

Here at J&M Window Cleaning we want to help you by keeping your home looking its very best. That is why we strive to deliver the best window cleaning service we possibly can! It is no question that there are “other guys” who claim to do what we do, but no one knows what it takes to deliver friendly, quality, and affordable like us!

You see, we came from very humble beginnings that have shaped the way we offer our service to our customers. When owners Joe & Matt dreamed up J&M Window Cleaning service, their families made a $600 investment in them to get their business started, which really only allowed them to purchase a ladder, a squeegee, and basic window washing equipment.  We have worked hard to build a successful business from humble beginnings knowing that hard work and quality workmanship are better than any expensive advertising campaign. Let J&M Window Cleaning service come to your home and make your windows look like new again!

Friendly. Quality. Affordable.
J&M Window Cleaning truly has it all!

So please, do not hesitate to contact us at (248)605-2243 for a free quote and/or for more information! We would be happy to sit down with you and take a look at how  we might best service both your windows and your budget! We are truly looking forward to speaking with you soon!

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