Apr, 2018

Choosing a Commercial Window Cleaning Company in Michigan

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Did you know that – with nearly 10 million people living here – Michigan is the 10th most populous state in the USA? Pretty cool! The most heavily-populated area is obviously Detroit, but we all know that there’s far more to our great state than just our biggest city. The people of towns and cities like Birmingham and Troy contribute plenty to the culture and identity of the Wolverine State too.

When we put sentiment aside, however, and think in purely professional terms, all of those settlements, and all those millions of people, result in one conclusion for us: there are a whole lot of folks out there that need window cleaning! That goes not just for people’s homes, of course, but for their businesses too. Michigan’s economy has been resurgent in recent times, and business owners up and down the state are committed to keeping their premises looking as professional as possible.

Accordingly, there are a whole lot of companies out there who offer commercial window cleaning in places like Birmingham, Detroit and Troy. In fact, there are so many options that it can get overwhelming!

Never fear though, because J&M Window Cleaning is here to help simplify things for you! Here are the three biggest things to look for in a commercial window cleaning company.

  • Experience

When it’s something as important as your business premises, you want to make sure you’re putting it in safe hands. The easiest way to do this is simply to opt for a company with a good amount of experience; at least ten years, we’d say. Not only will they be less likely to cause any damage, but their highly-developed expertise will surely result in excellent results.

  • Versatility

You need a flexible window cleaning company, capable of reaching even the trickiest windows. One that’s equally at home cleaning offices, car showrooms, restaurants and country clubs. At J&M Window Cleaning, for example, we have experience in cleaning all these types of businesses and more. We also use a bosun’s chair to descend from the roof, allowing us to safely reach and clean even the highest windows.

  • Safety

Your commercial property is incredibly valuable, and you need a window cleaning company who appreciates that. Before you let anybody even touch your building, make sure that the staff have received in-depth training, and – crucially – that they’re fully covered by public liability insurance.

There are a whole lot of factors that go into picking a good commercial window cleaning company, but these three basic tips are a great way to filter down your choices.

Or… you could just save a whole lot of time, make the right choice right off the bat, and choose J&M Window Cleaning! We’re certainly experienced, having been in business since 2003. We’re extremely versatile, capable of reaching any window and cleaning a large variety of buildings. Finally, our staff are expertly-trained, and covered by $1 million per incident liability insurance.

If you’re looking for a commercial window cleaning company, whether it be in Birmingham, Detroit or Troy, you have to be absolutely sure that you’re making the right choice. Here at J&M Window Cleaning, we truly believe that we tick every box. To get in touch with us now, just call (248) 605-2243, or message us online here.

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