Mar, 2017

Increase Your Curb Appeal – Clean Your Windows Today!

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J&M Window Cleaners have been the number one resource for window cleaning in Waterford, Wixon, Milford, Auburn Hills, and surrounding areas for over 15 years! We pride ourselves on providing five star service to all of our clients – and feel this is why so many keep coming back each season!

Simply put – we love what we do. And we do what we do well. We increase the curb appeal of your business by leaving your windows spic and span. No smudges, spots, or streaks! We use the best window cleaning technologies and tools to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of our window cleaning.

Just like the windows are the eyes of your home, your business windows are the eyes to your professional brand – and making sure they shine and welcome your clients to the best of their ability is a great marketing tool!

We’ve talked about the importance of clean windows by professional window cleaners before, but let’s touch on how clean windows can improve the curb appeal of your business to potential, and existing, clients.

  1. Clean windows show that you put pride into your business. Your current clients already know that you work hard for them, and will continue to provide the best service possible. However, potential clients may still be on the fence between you and a competitor. The exterior of your building, which is most cases is primarily made up of your windows, can show these prospects that you truly care about your businesses’ image. If you’re willing to take such amazing care of the building you work in, they know they can expect gold star treatment from your staff!
  1. J&M Window Cleaning can set up and make sure your windows are clean and shining at anytime of the year. We tailor your cleaning plan to the materials and surfaces that you need cleaned. Windows can vary from business to business, and we ensure that the right cleaners and tools are used for your unique business needs. We remove the buildup of debris and dirt by gently scrubbing away the surface, and rinse with gentle pure water – which leaves no spots or streaks after it dries.
  1. Our technicians at J&M Window Cleaning are fully trained, background checked, insured, and abide by all OSHA standards when cleaning. We use ladders and other tools to reach hard to clean windows, all within strict safety guidelines. This prevents slippage, falls, and other accidents that could happen with those that aren’t fully trained in window cleaning safety. The best part about using J&M Window Cleaning is that you never have to worry about these details when we work on your windows – we take care of everything, you simply schedule your cleaning and we take care of the rest!
  1. We take care of the inside, too! Not only will we make sure that your outside glass is clean and streak free, but we work on the inside of your business as well. We clean your window sills and your window tracks thoroughly, making sure that all dirt and dust is removed.
  1. Finally, J&M Window Cleaning will never leave a mess for you to clean up. We take extreme care when working outside to cover all bushes, flowers, and landscaping to ensure nothing damaging enters the soil. We will not trample your flowerbeds, and we clean up the sidewalk and walkways when we’re done.When we clean inside your business, we make sure to wear protective covers on our shoes, and cover the floor and other surfaces so nothing is water damaged.

Like we said, we take pride in what we do. We love our business, and want to be your first choice in window cleaning! Call us today!

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