Jan, 2018

Revolutionize Your Business with J&M Window Cleaning

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If you own a Troy business, you’re probably familiar with professional window cleaning companies. There are several window cleaning companies in the area who advertise their services and maybe you’ve hired them or maybe you’ve been too overwhelmed by your options to pick one.

We completely understand- there are so many factors to look into before you hire a company to provide any service. Are they trustworthy? Are they honest? Are they good at what they do? Are they affordable? Are they reputable? You should ask yourself all of these questions about a company before hiring them.

However, there is another question that you should ask, which is possibly the most important question. What can they do for my business?

The answer to this question will vary, but if you asked J&M Window Cleaning this question, the answer would be: We can revolutionize your business.

Professional window cleaning itself is essential to the success of any business. Your store’s appearance must be welcoming to customers, which includes having sparkling clean windows. However, not every professional window cleaning company will make your windows look the same. Some companies aren’t well-trained or don’t have the right equipment, while others aren’t as good at what they do as they advertise. The fear of experiencing a poor professional window cleaning service can stop Troy business owners from hiring professionals.

At J&M Window Cleaning, we want every business owner to feel comfortable in their decision to hire us, which is why we provide so much information about our company on our website. We detail every service we offer, provide customer testimonials, and share the story of how our company was established. When you take all of these aspects of our company into consideration, you can see how we could provide exemplary services. But claiming to revolutionize your business is a pretty heavy claim. So how exactly do these services live up to their claim?

First, we are thorough. All of our staff is highly trained and undergo background checks before they are allowed to service your home. When we clean commercial windows, we always provide the highest quality service- no area of your window will be left untouched. We will clean every nook and cranny with high quality cleaning products, squeegees and ladders to reach windows of any height. We even clean window sills free of charge.

Second, clean windows are proven to increase sales. When a business’ windows are so clean that they shine, customers are more drawn to their store because they feel welcome. The more customers that enter your store, the higher the chance that you can convert these individuals to paying customers, which will then increase your stores’ sales.

Lastly, we are guaranteed to revolutionize your business because we have a long list of regular clients. Several businesses in the area, such as Troy Honda and Cadillac of Ferndale trust us to professionally clean their windows regularly, which means that they have seen the quality of our services and the positive effect that clean windows has on their sales.

Give J&M Window Cleaning a call today to request a quote or learn more about how we can service your business.

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