Apr, 2018

J&M – Your Top Choice for Spring Window Cleaning

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It’s been a particularly tough winter across Oakland Country and Southeast Michigan, from Highland to White Lake. The elements have been unrelenting and unforgiving, with snow, ice, cold and rain constantly bearing down upon us.

With all of that being said… we’re positive folks here at J&M Window Cleaning. Because of that – and the fact that it’s April already, of course – we’re sure that spring must be just around the corner! Before we know it, the temperatures will be rising, the sun will be revealing itself once again, and the new season will truly have arrived.

With the dawn of this particular season, many people’s thoughts turn to things like new beginnings, the summer to come, and – of course – the old classic: the spring clean. It’s that last item that we’d like to talk to you about today. We’d say that – when it comes to spring cleaning – most people tend to focus on the inside of their homes. This year, why not give the outside of your home some love as well?

The exterior of your property – and particularly the windows – will have borne the brunt of much of the bad weather we’ve had, with the elements taking their toll for months. To truly get your home looking back to its best again, therefore, you need professional assistance. For that, we’d like to humbly throw our hat into the ring.

There’s really no better company for your residential window cleaning needs this spring than J&M Window Cleaning. It doesn’t matter what shape your windows are in after the long, brutal winter. We’ve got the experience, the expertise, the training, the equipment and the commitment to getting your windows looking great again, and ensuring your home is completely ready for the more pleasant months to come.

In fact, in the one-and-a-half decades we’ve been cleaning residential windows in places like Highland and White Lake, spring has typically been our favorite season in which to work! We love the challenge that comes with taking on a set of windows that have faced a tough winter, and haven’t been cleaned by a while. We take enormous satisfaction in taking those grubby, grimy windows and – at a speed that constantly impresses our customers – making them sparkle again.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape your home is, or how tricky your windows are to access. We clean windows of absolutely every type imaginable, using squeegees and ladders in the safest manner possible. In the very, very unlikely scenario that an accident does take place, you don’t need to worry. We’re completely covered by full public liability insurance (with documents available on request), which should help to ensure total peace of mind for you.

Spring really is just around the corner, we’re sure of it! This is the absolute perfect time to begin your spring cleaning, and – this year – that should absolutely start with your windows. With that in mind, there’s no better option for residential window cleaning in Southeast Michigan – whether your home is in White Lake or Highland – than J&M Window Cleaning. We’ll provide a safe, speedy and customer-friendly service, with exceptional results sure to follow.

To get in touch with J&M Window Cleaning now, just call us on (248) 605-2243, or send us a message through our website. It’s time to welcome spring in style!

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