Oct, 2018

J&M Window Cleaning are the best Commercial Window Cleaners in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Northville, and Milford.

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J&M window cleaners Bloomfield Hills is one of the best in Oakland County and South East Michigan. We can take on anything from small stores and restaurants to large warehouses and big superstores. Height is no problem to us as all of our window cleaners are fully height safety trained, also we have the right equipment and are fully insured. We are happy to produce a full safety statement and to do the work in the quiet hours when there are less people about.

Having a window cleaner is a must if you want to give the right impression of your business. People will judge you on appearances and you must look professional. Remember too that if you need your frontage washed you can ask J&M for a discount for doing the window cleaning and other jobs at the same time.

In the olden days; I’m talking five years ago maybe, people used to recommend companies by word of mouth but these days we all seem to do it online. Everyone is looking for reviews and this has become a very important way to recommend ourselves to customers. This means that first impressions can be vital. Anyone with a smartphone can take a photograph of where they are and post it on social media. People post the food they are eating in a restaurant and the things they are buying in the stores. They will also post anything they don’t like.

This makes businesses very vulnerable but also very powerful because it means free advertising. If your premises are not up to a high standard of cleanliness people are likely to notice but if the standard is right everyone will take this for granted. However if they love the item you are selling or the food you are providing or the fashions you are displaying they will tell their friends. Also if Google asks them to review your business they probably will and if a positive review is shared this builds trust in your brand.

As for the price of keeping your windows clean, we understand that any successful business has to be very aware of expenses so we always offer a cost effective package tailored to your specific needs. Our window cleaners in Birmingham, Northville, Bloomfield Hills and Milford have designed a hassle free service. We will work out how often you really need the windows cleaned so that you are not paying for any more cleans than is actually necessary

It can be cost effective to get the details right, to learn to see things from the customer’s point of view. If you need a window cleaner Detroit or Pontiac or anywhere else in Oakland County or South Michigan, we at J&M window cleaning will be happy to give you a free quote and we are confident that if you try our service once you will want to us to be your regular window cleaners.

Please call us on: (248) 605-224 or send us an email at CleanWindows@JMWindowCleaning.com.

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