Nov, 2017

Hard Water Stains: A Job for the #1 Highland Window Cleaner

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There is nothing more unattractive than hard water stains on a commercial property.

They get fixed to your windows and are impossible to miss. If you own a business in Highland, you’re probably familiar with normal water stains that your store’s windows get when it rains- they’re light in color and can usually come off with basic cleaning products, although they smudge quite badly. Hard water stains, however, are created when hard water comes into contact with your windows and they are much, much harder to remove. In order to properly remove hard water stains from your windows and give them a thorough deep cleaning, you should hire a Highland window cleaner.

Hard water is water than hasn’t gone through a softening process, which means it’s still filled with dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. When water has a high concentration of these minerals and it comes into contact with glass, insoluble “salts” are left on the surface. These salts make the windows rough to the touch and leave white stains everywhere. The windows of most business suffer from hard water stains because they are frequently exposed to hard water due to close contact with sprinklers.

Unfortunately, if this is your situation, there is little that you can do on your own to prevent or remove hard water stains, which is why you should contact a Highland window cleaner. If you attempt to scrub at these stains yourself, you can cause irreparable damage to the glass on your windows. This is definitely a job that you should hand over to the professionals.

Joe and Matt of J&M Window Cleaning are experienced Highland window cleaners. They have been providing professional commercial window cleaning services to businesses across Highland for almost 15 years. Not only do they have the experience, but they also have the proper tools and products to remove hard water stains. All J&M staff are highly trained and have been exposed to windows with a variety of shapes, sizes, heights and glass types.

We have the specialized cleaning products that will dissolve hard water stains with ease- something that store-bought cleaners are unable to do. In addition to expertly removing hard water stains, we can also help prevent them from forming in the future. After we properly clean your store’s windows, we can apply a sealant specifically designed to protect your windows from any type of stains, hard water stains included.

If your windows are plastered with hard water stains and you have tried everything to remove them to no avail, give us a call today! The best Highland window cleaners are only a phone call away.

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