Dec, 2017

Why We Should be Your Go-to White Lake Commercial Window Cleaner

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A simple Google search can reveal that there’s no shortage of professional commercial window cleaners in White Lake. However, when deciding which window cleaner is best for you, there are two questions that you have to answer.

First, what are your needs? For example, if you need the windows of a commercial building to be professionally cleaned, you wouldn’t hire a company that only specializes in cleaning residential windows. Second, what are the characteristics of a good window cleaner? If you are hiring a professional White Lake commercial window cleaner for the first time, then you most likely don’t know the answer to this question. We’re here to help you understand the characteristics that make a good commercial window cleaning company.


When you hire a White Lake commercial window cleaner, you need to make sure that they are trustworthy and reliable. Most reliable window cleaning companies will feature testimonials and before/after pictures on their website. This is a great way to prove to potential clients that they are responsible enough to complete a job to the customer’s standards. However, it is also important that professional cleaning companies have insurance.

While it is rare that there is an accident on the job, it is still possible. Responsibly professional window cleaning companies will be prepared for these type of accidents. J&M Window Cleaning doesn’t just have insurance- they have a $1 million per incident liability insurance policy. If you don’t believe us, we will happily have our agent send you a copy of our proof of insurance. We care about the safety of our staff and our customers, so we made sure to get the best insurance possible.


While there are many White Lake commercial window cleaners that you could hire, you should know what is included in their service before you hire them. For example, many window cleaning companies have hidden fees, like making you pay for them to clean your window sills. How ridiculous is that? They charge customers to clean up the mess that the workers made!

At J&M Window Cleaning, we don’t believe in hidden fees. All of our prices are set up front and we complete every job thoroughly. This means that we will wipe down window sills for free and clean up every mess we made while cleaning your windows. We strive for high customer satisfaction rates and will do everything in our power to make sure that you are happy with the results of your window cleaning.


At J&M Window Cleaning, our staff is trained to always remain professional. Some cleaning companies hire stubborn or short-tempered staff, but not us. We ensure that every member of our staff is highly-trained in not only window cleaning, but customer service, as well. You will always be greeted with a smile and any question you have will be answered quickly and professionally.

J&M Window Cleaning has been in the professional window cleaning industry for almost 15 years. We specialize in servicing both residential and commercial properties and guarantee that we will offer you the highest quality services at the most reasonable price. Call us today to request a quote!

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