Apr, 2018

Get an Instant Quote for with J&M Window Cleaning

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The downturn in Michigan’s economy in the 2000’s was widely-reported, with an untold number of articles, news reports and documentaries being made about it. The subsequent resurgence in the finances in our great state, however, has not been quite so publicized! 44,000 new jobs were created in 2017, and we’re currently in the midst of the lengthiest sustained period of job growth since the Second World War.

A large part of this is thanks to big businesses, of course, but we also believe a huge amount of credit needs to go to other people: to small and medium business owners, who’ve taken chances which have continued to pay off. These smart businesspeople – across Birmingham, Detroit and Troy – have earned their success through making a series of smart decisions.

Take time management, for example. The old saying “time is money” might have become a cliché, but budding entrepreneurs know that their time really is a valuable commodity. As pretty successful business people (if we say so ourselves!), we’re well aware of this too. It’s exactly why we created our instant quote feature for commercial window cleaning.

Business owners are well aware that appearances count for a huge amount. That goes not just for employees, but for commercial premises too, whether it’s a restaurant, car showroom or office. To project a professional air, you need to ensure your building looks as clean and looked-after as possible, and this all begins with the windows. With lovely, regularly-cleaned windows, you’ll create a great first impression on customers and clients, whilst also making the work environment a more pleasant place for your employees.

Of course – even if it is important – as a busy business owner you haven’t got too much time to spend on commercial window cleaning. You simply want to know whether a window cleaning company can do the job, and how much it will cost. Our instant quote gives you exactly this information, and it does so incredibly swiftly. Just select the service you desire – “Window Cleaning” – give us a few contact details, add in additional notes if you like, and… that’s it!

We’ll receive your request and reply to it speedily, offering you a reasonable price and a time which is convenient for you. Once we’re at your premises, we’ll immediately get to work on safe, highly effective window cleaning that always delivers great results. We’ll also be sure to do so in a respectful, professional manner which causes as little disruption as possible to your business operations.

J&M Window Cleaning isn’t just a quick choice for your commercial window cleaning needs; it’s a smart one too. We clean absolutely any type of commercial property, whether it’s based in Troy, Birmingham or Detroit. We also offer you full peace of mind whilst we do so, courtesy of our OSHA-approved techniques and full public liability insurance.

As a successful business owner, we know that your time is extremely precious. So, don’t waste a minute. Simply use the super-fast J&M Window Cleaning instant quote feature, let us know a convenient time to visit, and your windows will be sparkling clean again before you know it.

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